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Diablo III Demon Hunter ROS New Build & Equipment Share

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Now it's the time to experience Diablo III PTR 2.0 Beta and some lucky dogs even have chance to play ros. According to players, there are many wonderful legendary items in the new expansion and people decide game build on the basis of them when playing. Demon Hunter is thought to be the weakest class in five but if you have the right build and powerful equipment, it can be shining in ros too. Here is a helpful recommend. 

demon hunter ros build

Strafe (Demolition) – 290% grenades damage.
Fan of Knives (Knives Expert) – 480% damage, cost 30 hatred. With no hatred cost weapon and continuous movement, it will not influence skill effect in battles.

Smoke Screen (Lingering Fog) – 1.5 sec. It has 2sec cooldown in ros so if the equipment can reduce 25% CD they will be synchronous.
Chakram (Shuriken Cloud) – 200% damage. The same with Fan of Knives.
Sentry (Chain of Torment) – 240% fire tether damage. You can start Sentry → run → Strafe to give monsters lasting fire tether damage. The more fire tether damage the more chance to trigger crashing blow.

fire tether

Preparation (Backup Plan) – 30% chance CD not triggered. To survive in case that the discipline not enough.

Passive skills: Perfectionist, Night Stalker, Archery, Hot Pursuit.
Hot Pursuit – Movement increased by 20% after hit enemies, which is helpful to running and fire tether.

The most important thing for this build is this no hatred cost crossbow for Strafe. Even though right button skill Fan of Knives need hatred to work, it doesn't matter. What's more, it adds 9 maximum discipline to demon hunter. No need to worry about power source any more.

dh crossbow

The other one is this legendary pants. Increase damage and resource generation (both hatred and discipline) by 25% when moving, with Night Stalker, high crit hit chance and attack speed, the result is endless Smoke Screen. Have a try now if available for you?

hexing pants of mr.yan

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