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The Elder Scrolls Online Treasure Chests Unlock Guide

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In The Elder Scrolls Online, the equipment drop is very poor from monsters, and the treasure chests which will refresh all the time are the most attractive thing to players. The chests refresh fast and have gold & equipment for you no matter when you open them. And, the only poroblem is, how to open them. Well, dpsgold team is going to show the unlock skills. Keep attention.


eso treasure chest


When you find a chest locked, press E and enter the unlock interface, how to unlock become a problem. Many people failed here just because they used the wrong way.
At unlock interface, there will be five plugs with spring (see the picture). Players need to use lockaid gun to screw down plugs and make them fixed in a specific location. The specific location is the most important:
When you are using lockaid gun to screw down, the plugs will begin to shake fiercely at some point. The moment it begins to shake is the key point. Let go off your hand from lockaid gun at this time and the plugs will be fixed, or the sharply shake is going to consume the durability of lockaid gun which may leads to breakage. In a word, as long as you succeed fixing the plugs, you can make it.


How to improve the unlock success rate
The method mentioned above requires great reaction speed but not everyone can do it. Here is a small skill to improve the success rate: each time before you finally screw down the plugs, try to do it and watch the shake point. When you get the accurate data, loosen lockaid gun soon to avoid durability consume. Then you can carry out the real steps. If time available, you can try more than once. Of course the durability will be consumed in this process. Well, this method is for locks in low level.


Master difficulty
Besides unlock skill, there is another key factor – time limit. Every try and mistake will reduce the time for you, and each time over the unlock position will be reset. According to our team actual performance test, there is only one chance to miss at master difficulty. That is to say, you must unlock all five plugs in 6 times' screw down, or you need to try again with new unlock position.


For we have succeeded unlocking 10+ treasure chests in master difficulty, here we will share some experience with players. Note that they are not proved yet. Just for reference.


1. Some plugs have deep shaking point and they will skew to one side obviously when screw down. Usually it will shake at the moment plugs skew to the most.

2. Adjacent plugs have regular shaking points. Sometimes it rises or goes down in ladder. Well, not proved.

3. When challenging Master difficulty, you'd better to give up if failed twice and make the next try.

4. Believe your instinct. Sometimes you feel it's the point, just believe it if the feeling is strong.


Emphasize again that the opinions above is the result of 2 days' test by dpsgold team with character level 10. Take it as reference if you like. Hope it can be helpful. Enjoy your stay.

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