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FFXIV Garuda Guide with Picture Introductions

TAG: FFXIV ARR Raid Guide TIME: Author:Dpsgold Team

FFXIV ARR has been online for almost a week. There are numbers of players fighting with error 1017 of the server all the time. It is heard that the server will be expanded, so you do not need to worry about this problem any more. After playing it for so long, we believe that many players have upgraded up to level 40. Players of 44 levels can accept main storyline quest from Aeolus. Garuda is different boss of former levels, you should stand at higher place and be able to output more DPS to take him down.

Skill introduction:
1. Wind Bullet: this skill is released in the whole process. The boss would release a wind bullet to the target to cause medium damages to the target and nearby foes.
2. Shockwave: in the whole process. You may have to face this skill in the whole process. The boss can cause amounts of damages to the enemies in front of it. It can also knock back the enemies. It has bar-loading effect as well.
3. Aerial Slash: in the whole process. It can cause low damages to all enemies nearby the boss.
4. Aerial Blast: In the second stage. It can cause high damages to nearby enemies, which is kind of a skill that can kill the whole team.
5. Feather: In the second stage. The boss would summon ten feathers. The feathers would chase the targets and explode then to cause medium damages.
6. Strong Wind: In the process of changing from stage 2 to stage 3. The boss would appear in the middle of the field to cause high damages (this is a skill that can kill the whole team as well).
7. Eye of Wind: In the process of changing from stage 2 to stage 3. The boss would gather the players in a small area to have the combat. It has AERIAL Blast’s effect as well.
8. Wind Blade: In stage 3. The boss would release the wind to cause damages all the targets which may kill all the players except the tank in the team.

The above are the introduction to all the skills of this boss. Then we are going to talk about the terrain. It is important to win the final victory of the fight! It is a bad idea to stand still to cause damages.

In the middle of the combat, there are four pillars. Do not stand by the Pillars as the Wind Bullet can cause damages to the pillars. When the pillars are destroyed, the whole team members would be dead if the boss uses Aerial Blast. Pillars are the only tools that can help you hide from the boss. Just remember that. When the boss release Aerial Blast, you should stand behind the pillar to avoid getting hurt.

The boss would release Aerial Blast for twice. After that, pay special attention to the feather. DPS in the team should deal with the feathers as soon as the boss releases them, or it would be really troublesome when they explode. After dealing with the feathers, you will enter into the third stage. The boss would release Strong Wind while transferring stages. Just hide behind the pillars. The tank can use Limitbareak to decrease the damages. The healing should increase the blood volume of the team members. When you are in the third stage, the pillars are down, the battlefield will be narrowed.

In the stage three, the boss will release Feather for once. Just deal with the feathers, and avoid being hurt by the Aerial Blast. Boss will jump out of the battlefield then to release Wind Blade to the players.

If you stand according to our suggestions showed above, it can help avoid your members getting hurt or killed. We get this conclusion after our team being killed for three times. It all depends on the Tank in the team to take all the damages and to resist the Wind Blade. Then the DPS should take every chance to cause impressive damages. It is unknown whether the Boss would release Wind Blade again and again.

As long as you pay attention to the points we mentioned above, you can get through this level and take down the boss finally. We wish you good luck!

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