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FFXIV Dungeon Instance Aurum Vale Guide

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Aurum Vale is a dungeon instance of Level 47-49 in FFXIV, it is not a part of the main story.  This article is about the guide of Aurum Vale, I really hope you can get some hoped-for information from it.

The fight begins with a boss named Locksmith. I don’t think it is difficult throughout the whole fight. Don’t be hurry after your group enters the room. You should first watch out the fruits in the room, which is the key to pass this phase. Besides, correct position is also very important, so coordinate well with your teammates. The tank always stays behind the boss, and the healer stands close to the left of the entrance. Locksmith will cast AoE called gold lung blast, avoid it. After you guys advance to the second stack, eat some fruits first, because fruits are really helpful for recovering. In fact, the healer is the one who has to bear the most pressure as it is responsible for everyone’s HP when debuff stacks.

dungeon first boss

The second boss is named Goldvine. It is a boss surrounded by podlings and seedlings. To deal with this boss, we have to deal with the podlings and seedlings first. Tank can come up to the boss and pull it to the side at first. DPS use AOE spells to burn down the podlings and seedlings. Then, all the members focus on the boss and take him down. It is easy, you won't have problems.

dungeon second boss

The third boss is Coincounter which is a little bit interesting. The boss will blast in the very beginning of the battle. DPS need to hold back it, and the tank takes the chance to attack the boss from another side. After that, the boss will randomly attack some members. What's more, there is no prompt, it will attack you directly. Therefore, you need to run to the opposite side. As long as you know how to avoid its abilities, you can kill the boss easily.

dungeon third boss

The last boss is named Miser's Mistress. The method to deal with this boss is similar to the first one and second one at the beginning. Of course, there will be some differences, one of which is that the debuff cast by boss will not damage you directly. Damage relates to the time, that is to say, the long the time is, the more damages you will suffer. When you advance to the second phase successfully, the DPS will come in handy. The little monsters seen earlier in the instance must be killed as soon as possible, or monsters will begin to spawn. When these monsters attack you, a stack of debuff will be applied to you. Never look down upon of them, otherwise all of the party members will be wiped out. Now you may understand why I said the DPS is important in this battle. DPS will need to attack both the little monsters and the boss at the same time to finish this fight. In a word, to kill the boss enough DPS and good coordination are required. As soon as the healer’s MP runs out, all of you will be wiped.

dungeon fourth boss

As always, thanks for reading. Also, share it out. The more players know this guide, the less painful they will be. For more guides just stay focused.

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