Binding Coil of Bahamut Turn 5 Detailed Guide

To start with, I would like to thank our teammates first. Without your support and corporation, we can never make it. Secondly, I also want to say to the friends who are still fighting after fail for so many times in Binding Coil of Bahamut, you can make it as long as you do not give up. Today, I am going to introduce detailed guide to help you get through the turn 5 smoothly.

Good preparation can save you much trouble and bring you bigger chances of success. So, making sure the blood of the main tank is above 6500, and the other team members should have at least 4500. For the DPS our team, the main attribute is above 480 points. If you only have 460, it is OK as well. We have two Gladiator, one white Conjurer, one Scholars, one Lancer, two Pugilists and one Black Mage. Scholars are the main healers of the whole team, so their main attribute is the mind. The Scholars is responsible for decreasing the damages and heal the main tank in the later period. So, do make sure you add the haste to full. These are several points that I think is very important. Things depends as you may have different team combinations. Anyway, let’s see the process to get through the turn 5 now. The following part is the thing you may want to know most.

Phase 1
You have to deal with Twinatania and three Scourge of Meracydias. The main tank should make sure that you are the target of Winatania, and the other tanks should deal with the Scourge of Meracydia. In this phase, Twintania will use Death Sentence to cause great damages to the tank, and Purameto to cause aoe damages to targets in front of him. Make sure the healer is there to increase the blood of the tank in time. The DPS should follow the tank and help them deal with the Scourge one after one to accumulate the Limit Break. This phase won't be hard for you.

turn 5 phase 1

Phase 2
Twinatania will release a restrain equipment, and two many important skills. One is the fire ball, which will cause damages to those players who have red marks above their heads. The blue fire ball will be released to players who are marked with blue. In most of the cases, we would like to have four players share the damage from fire ball. (One small tip for you, that during the blue fire ball, if there is regular fire ball, the target can just walk into the fire storm to remove the effect of the fire ball.) You can have plenty of time to deal with the blue fire ball if just follow my advice to have 4 players share the fire ball, and one player in the blue circle. You can deal with the fire circle very easily as its blood volume is not too much. After finishing this phase, you may have stocked your limit break up to two levels.

turn 5 phase 2

Phase three
In this stage, pay attention to the hurricane and the snakes. Firstly, the boss would drop the coil and blow the target with green mark above their heads in front of him away. You should avoid the hurricanes as they are dangerous. Just stay at the south east corner of the place when the hurricanes come, and run to the middle of the place when the hurricanes disappear. The hurricanes would come for 3 times in the whole process, so pay special attention to it. Several seconds later, there will be a big snake and two small snakes. As when the small snakes die, it can produce debuff to increase the damages you suffer. So, make sure the main tank is away from the debuff, and you can take use of this debuff by leading it to the big snake(yeah, the big snake can suffer this kind of debuff as well). Use limit break to rush the snakes if it is necessary.

Phase four
In this stage, you have to face a very scary thing named Twister. It can release a skill to kill the targets by one shot. So, you should really know how to avoid this skill or you die. My tip is that you keep running in circle when the Twintania is singing Twister, and stop before he end it. You may need some practice here. The boss would stun the targets with red marks at the beginning. And there will be birdy attacking the players. As several players are stunned, the tanks should use stan skill to slow down their speed to move towards the stunned players, and kill them all in time, or the stunned players may be dead.

Phase five
When the blood of the boss drops to 35%, the last coil will fall. You are just one step to get the final victory. Firstly, the boss would use liquid hell to cause 5 continuous explode. The main tank may have to suffer the damage, and adjust his position by a little bit, the others should get away from it if they can. Then the boss would release a following ball to the target with purple mark. The way to deal with this ball is to have a deputy tank waiting inside of the coil, and take it, so the DPS and the healer won’t get hurt. Then the debuff of slow on the boss will be removed, so the attack speed of the boss is really impressive, not to say the damages he causes. Use all your available skills to decrease the damages, and take the medicine when it is necessary. The DPS should do your best to output damages. Even through you may feel greater pressure here, you can make it as long as you can insist on it.

Then, finally, Twinatania will be dead, and you can get your gears of level 90 at last. Besides the combination of the team, the details, you may also need good luck to get through it. Wish you good luck and I will be here waiting for your good news!

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