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Game Experience as Healing Conjurer in FFXIV

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I am playing as Conjurer in ffxiv arr. My duty is to protect my teammates, as I am proper to play as the healing companion. In most MMORPG, Conjurer is a very welcome class. For most players, you must have been really familiar with this class.

When we say Conjurer, we would think about several words about this class, healing, controlling, buff and output. Today, I would like to share some experience as a Healing Conjurer and my solo experience. As the test is open to only 35 levels, there are many skills that we can not experience. Look at the healing skills about this class below.

healing skills

At earlier stage, the healing skills that used most are Cure and Medica. Cure is used to heal single target. Its characteristic is that its healing amount is low and it cost low potency. The second skill is used to heal multiple targets, it costs high potency and its healing effect is normal. What you should also know is that its spell speed is slow and it can only heal teammates within 15m. So, never stay far away from your teammates. These two skills are totally enough to deal with raids from level 15 to level 25. The only thing you should pay attention to is to control MP well, make sure that you have not wasted it.

After reaching level 30, you will be able to learn a magic skill and a passive skill, they are Cure II and Freecure. Cure II is actually the higher-level edition of Cure. The larger the healing amount, the more potency it costs. While you use this passive skill to heal single target, you have 15% chance to trigger a buff. The effect of the buff is that your single-target healing do not cost MP within the next 15 seconds.

Buff skills are shown in the picture below:

buff skills

The first skill is Protect. It is a physical shield (the effect of magical shield can be added by the passive skills). This skill can decrease the damage by 8%, so no matter you choose to solo or work in the team, it is a very useful buff.

The second skill is Stoneskin. It is an absorb shield and the absorb amount has close relationship to the target and the highest HP. Its cost of potency is high. So, In the real combat, it is not so useful. After entering into a raid, you just need one shield buff to protect the whole team.

Control skills are listed below:

buff skills

Fluid Aure can knockback the enemies and restrict their movement for 6 seconds. No matter you solo or play in the team, it is very effective and it cost nothing at all.

Repose is a skill that you must have known. It is a skill to deal single target, but it can effect multiple targets at the same time. But if you use it to deal with the same target, the effect of this skill will keep decreasing. For example, the first time it can inflict the target with sleep for 30 seconds. Then the first time you use this skill to deal with the same target, the effect of this skill can last for 15 seconds only, then it becomes 7 seconds, 3 seconds……Then, the monster would be immune to this skill. It seems as if the monsters can learn and resist things.

Besides all the skills introduced above, Conjurer also have recovery skills and disperse skills. We would not introduce them today, you can explore the game by yourself to know them better. Wish you a happy journey in game.

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