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Just like what you see, we do not only provide our dear customers with cheap ffxiv gil, we also provide useful guides to help you enjoy this game better. If you want to find the hottest class builds in FFXIV, then you have come to the right place. We offer class builds for all classes, and all the game experience is shared by professional players. You want to act your role well in game, you may want to follow our tips.
  • Game Experience as Healing Conjurer in FFXIV08/15/2013

    Conjurer is a hot class in FFXIV arr. We are going to introduce some skills and strategies that you need to use at earlier and medium stages.

  • Final Fantasy 14 Class Guides for New Players08/22/2013

    Before playing Final Fantasy 14, it is important to know which class is the best choice for you. Today, we are going to analysis all the classes to help you make the right option at the very beginning.

  • FFXIV Detailed Introduction about Tank's Enmity Part One08/26/2013

    FFXIV is a game that needs team corporation a lot. Today, we are going to introduce the Enmity system of the tank in game. We believe it that it can help you know this game better.

  • FFXIV DPS Summoner Build Guide09/16/2013

    Do you want to know how to play as DPS dealer as a Summoner in FFXIV? We are going to recommend the most proper build for you. Just follow us for the details.

  • Final Fantasy XIV Pugilist Damage Output Introduction10/14/2013

    Pugilist is not a good explosive damage dealer, but he can cause steady and amazing damages if you know how to use the buffs well. Today, we are going to introduce the best pugilist output circulation and details you should pay attention to.

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