The Best DPS Class in World of Warcraft Patch 5.4

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As a World of Warcraft player, no matter which class you choose to play, there must be a DPS dealer in your class list. Many changes will be made to the MOP after patch 5.4. Skills and talents of many classes' will be changed by large degree. Which would be the best choice of DPS in World of Warcraft then? We are going to share some data with you to tell you the truth.

From the DPS ranking chart of players all over the world, we can see it that Mage is still the best choice to play as damage dealer in the team. He ranks in the first place of the chart. Of course, Rogue is also a great choice, we can see it clearly that he ranks in the top places as well. If you are choosing a melee combat class, Rogue is definitely the best choice. The class that ranks in the third place should definitely be Druild.

DPS rank
Besides above mentioned classes, Hunter, Death Knight and Warrior also good choices. The data is just for your reference, so you can make better decisions when you decided to play as the DPS in the team. You may make your decisions according to the advantages of the classes, or you may make it up to many other reasons. Knowing the most welcome classes in MOP (data are shown below) may be able to give you some hints. If you want dps class that are interesting to play and awesome as well, you may need to know the most interesting classes to play in WOW .

 most welcome class

 DPS us

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