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NBA Live Mobile and Madden Mobile List of All Presents for Happy Holidays in 2016
TAG : 12/27/2016 3:15:20 PM

Madden Mobile and NBA Live Mobile are both in giving moods during the Happy Holiday and you don’t even need to give them anything in return to reap the benefits. Let’s break down exactly what you can get from both games as we head full speed toward the end of 2016.

nba live mobile presents

NBA Live Mobile Present:

Elite Presents:

12/19 - Gold with baubles (red ribbon) - Signature edition elite player

12/20 - Yellow with stars (black ribbon) - Rare Award Winners collectable

12/23 - Red with bokeh (green ribbon) - Gold Rising Star player

12/25 - Red with white bokeh (silver ribbon) - 

12/25 - Blue with snowflakes (silver ribbon) - 

12/25 - Black with yellow bokeh (purple ribbon) - 

12/25 - Black with red speckles (red ribbon) - 

12/25 - Black with red baubles (red ribbon) - 

12/25 - Gold with stars (red ribbon) - 

12/25 - Black with snow (red ribbon) - 

Gold Presents:

12/19 - White with blue shades (blue ribbon) - Two gold presents

12/20 - White with green trees (green ribbon) - Gold TOTW player

12/21 - Purple with speckles (purple ribbon) - Big Moments collectable

12/21 - Blue (red ribbon) - Lump of coal

12/22 - Red with small trees (silver ribbon) - 6 random live event collectables

12/22 - White with large confetti (green ribbon) - 3 Throwback players

12/23 - White with small confetti (red ribbon) - Gold International player

12/24 - White with red and green vertical lines (red ribbon) - Gold Winter player

12/24 - Blue (gold ribbon) - Snowman

12/25 - Green (gold ribbon) - 

12/25 - Purple (red ribbon) -

12/25 - Red (gold ribbon) - 

12/25 - Green (red ribbon) - 

12/25 - Green with white dots (red ribbon) -

12/25 - Red with black grid (silver ribbon) - 

12/25 - Blue with snowflake pattern (gold ribbon) - 

12/25 - Green with red horizontal dotted lines (red ribbon) - 

12/25 - Yellow with snowflake pattern (red ribbon) - 

12/25 - Red with white pattern (silver ribbon) - 

12/25 - Green with red diagonal lines (red ribbon) - 

madden mobile 17 coins

Madden Mobile 17 Present:

Gift Number 1 : There isn't much to tell from this one, there is a little something towards the left side of the gift, as well as what looks like a "3" towards the top of the banner, but not much more than that.

Gift Number 2 : Not much else with this one either, however, there is what appears to be a "G" and a "C" once again towards the left side. Could this be a Game Changer pack?

Gift Number 3 : I have no clue about this one, picture shows a person holding out there hands with a blue and gold present. There does appear to be the letters "G and T" at the top and center of the image, but I don't know who or what it could mean.

Gift Number 4 : As you can see, there is a large gear on the far right package. My first thoughts were maybe it meant a new UF Jersey which would be awesome, but it could be a trophy pack.

Gift Number 5 : This gift looks like a 10 trophy pack or some other type of trophy pack in my opinion. However, apparently the gift is pretty rare on console right now, so perhaps its an Award Player pack? Possibly a new phase? There's something else under the bow string that I cant make out.

Gift Number 6 : Apparently one of the poke-a-dots is a Cleveland Browns helmet. Joe Thomas hasn't had a card all year so it could be him. Maybe a special RG3 card?

Gift Number 7 : There is no doubt in my mind that this is some sort of Peyton Manning card. 100%. There is a clear "Sheriff" badge on the present and we all know who that correlates to. Maybe a Legend card, Flashback, or a special Ghost of Past card. Also, the bow strings seem to make the shape of a horse.

Gift Number 8 : There is definitely a legend logo at the top of the present with the red ribbon. Perhaps a guaranteed legend player or a legend pack. There is the possibility it's a legend bundle, but I highly doubt that.

Gift Number 9 : On the bright pink package towards the bottom left, there is a "TOTM" logo towards the top. As we don't get TOTM players, I imagine this will turn into a TOTW related pack.

Gift Number 10 : Apparently there has been talk on twitter about Ocho Cinco getting scanned into the game. There is definitely a Bengals logo on the ribbon, as well as the package being Bengal themed, especially with the velvet feel, kind of reminding me of a Bengal tiger's fur (sort of).

Gift Number 11 : People on Twitter are going crazy thinking this one is Bo Jackson because of the identical wrapping paper used from last year. Perhaps since EA made Deion Sanders the master of this years UF promo they thought they'd also sneak Bo Jackson into the gifts?

Gift Number 12 : Definitely looks like the Dallas Cowboys star, but towards the top there is also a definite Flashback lightning bolt. Perhaps a Tony Romo Flashback, Michael Irvin maybe, could even be an Emmit Smith.

Gift Number 13 : There is a Jaguar's logo on the pinky finger of the person holding the present, as well as a HB symbol at the top right of the present. Twitter says Maurice Jones-Drew, and I agree with them, he's always in Madden games.

Gift Number 14 : There is a FBO logo towards the top right of the ribbon on the present which, to me, means a FBO pack. I don't think they'd just make new FBO players without them actually having good games, so I think they'll just stick with what's already in the game.

Gift Number 15 : I have looked for at least 20 minutes while making this trying to see if I can find something but I just can't. My best guess is a 49er's player due to the colors of the present.

Gift Number 16 : Absolutely can't find anything. No guesses either.

Gift Number 17 : There is a Hero symbol towards the right side of the present on the ribbon. Perhaps a Team Hero player.

Gift Number 18 : All I could find on Twitter were these presents, they're everywhere. There's a gift exchange set where you can trade 1 gift and 3 collectibles for a new gift, I would do that for this gift, there's no way there is anything good in this one, its way too common.

Gift Number 19 : There is a distinct Colts logo, but nothing else that I can tell. This could be a lot of things, but I would like to see a Marshall Faulk, Adam Vinatieri, Eric Dickerson, Marvin Harrison or a Dwight Freeney.

Gift Number 20 : On the side of the gift seems to be some sort of logo, and to be honest, it's really hard to make out. However, I believe it is the Patriots logo that has been flipped across the Y axis.

Gift Number 21 : The final gift I could find. People on Twitter are saying there is a Milestone symbol on the bottom right of the right package, but I see an "M" and a "V". Michael Vick anyone? Man I sure hope so.

EDIT: Found some more gifts! From MUTGuru (wish I found this earlier)

Gift Number 22 : Apparently there is a Raider's logo on the ribbon.

Gift Number 23 : "13?"

Gift Number 24 : This one has a Jets logo and is incredibly rare.

Gift Number 25 : Flashback logo on this one.

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