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nba 2k16.jpg

NBA 2K16 MyGM Fantasy Draft:Recommend Young Players to Draft An Amazing Team in NBA 2K16 MyGM

NBA 2K16 MyGM, the other side of basketball, which allows players to assume the role of General Manager and run everything behind the scenes. Instead of only playing with the teams, players customize all the aspects of one team as they are essentially the boss of the entire organization. In MyGM, pl...

6/20/2016 10:59:09 AM

nba 2k16 Draymond Green.jpg

NBA 2K16 Best Investment Diamond Players:MVP Lebron James/MVP Michael Jordan/Playeroff Draymond Green

MVP '13Lebron JamesBecause MVP is currently not smoked so this card is a little hard to get some, although some price gouging, but with the PO and TBT99 Zhan package appears to hoard goods when people cry, to 2.2 million NBA 2K16 MT at present, it is quite reasonable of.MVP '91 Michael Jorda...

5/24/2016 11:44:41 AM

NBA 2K16 Curry rating update.jpg

Steph Curry 99 Upgrade Rating in NBA 2K16 of his MVP season

Curry was nominated again this week as the NBA's most valuable player, everyone agreed that his performance was praised, the MVP is deserved. For 30 hours, NBA 2K16 honored Stephen Curry's unanimous MVP selection by giving him a 99 overall rating in the game. And since 30 hours isn't a t...

5/13/2016 4:08:10 PM

cavaliers nba 2k16 team.jpg

Prefer Rockets into the playoffs? Clippers four main holiday

Clippers attitude is you do not want to let the Rockets into the playoffs? Saturday, fighting off the Jazz, the Clippers plan was frozen five people, including four large main - Blake - Griffin, DeAndre - Jordan, JJ- Reddick, Chris - Paul and Wesley - Johnson.NBA 2K16 lineup from the two teams, the ...

4/8/2016 10:08:55 AM

Cavaliers seemingly calm, but in fact dangerous, NBA 2K16 MT trend seen James situation

James "take off" event so many people again began to focus on this for a long time no news of Knight team, long time no news is not telling the team calm uneventful thing? Also not the case, and today we have to analyze the current situation and the Knights of the team in the future.As the...

3/24/2016 10:55:22 AM

Jeremy Lin29 Coins, the Hornets six straight end Spurs

The field star: Jeremy Lin made 29 minutes shaking reversalHornets beat the Spurs in this field, the first section only 3 of 21 shots in the second quarter did not play one will fall behind by 23 Coins. But this time, Jeremy Lin to come forward, he single Section H under 12 Coins, led the team to na...

3/22/2016 10:25:27 AM

lowry 90 nba2k16.jpg

Lori 25 Coins and 11 assists, Raptors victory Bucks, Giannis Adetokunbo18 + 12 + 9

March 16, Milwaukee Bucks three straight at home ushered in Toronto, Raptors DeRozan general holiday. Finally Raptors 107-89 victory over the Bucks usher in a four-game winning streak, the Raptors once again to consolidate second position east.Raptors in Lori 25 Coins and 11 assists, Pius Bo 12 Coin...

3/16/2016 11:12:00 AM

3 14 rocket win grizzlies.jpg

Harden 15 + 7 + 8, the Rockets 49 Coins wins the Grizzlies record-breaking war history

March 14 www.dpsvip.com reported, NBA regular season continue, Rockets vs. Grizzlies. After Conley injury sidelined 3-4 weeks, Randolph missed the game to continue to lead the Grizzlies only response is Canzhen rocket. And in the face of shorthanded Grizzlies, the Rockets do not have any humility, e...

3/15/2016 10:49:09 AM


Wizards announced the signing of Thornton, he may be the playoffs Jones dpsvip.com reports

March 10 dpsvip.com news, Wizards officially announced the signing of Marcus - Thornton. Prior to this, in order to free the player places the Wizards announced the cut - Gary Neal.Wizards are at a crucial stage of the playoffs, the team hopes to join Thornton can improve backcourt depth. "Thor...

3/10/2016 10:00:21 AM

nba 2k16 kevin durant.jpg

NBA 2K16 Patch 1.05 Update on PS4,Xbox and PC Detials

The latest NBA 2K16 update patch 1.05 is available to download now on PS4 and XB1. 2K Sports has released update patch 1.05 for NBA 2K16. It’s not a huge patch, but it does address some issues that won’t be bothering anyone anymore. The patch notes are: “Fixed an issue where users were able to ...

1/28/2016 10:37:44 AM

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