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Fast to Get Rocket League Rocket Pass 4 Items with Cheapest Price on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch

8/31/2019 4:44:43 PM

Rocket League Rocket Pass 4 is available for several days, have you started to play online matches and complete the weekly challenges for earning unique rewards? Instead of long-time grinding, all Rocket Pass 4 items are tradable with cheapest price on now! Check out the new contents of Rocket Pass 4 free and premium items, as well as the price trends, fast to buy new Rocket League items at the best time.

Rocket League Rocket Pass 4 Free & Premium Rewards

Rocket Pass 4 free items including Shutterbug Wheels, Funky Medusa Decal, and Watermelon Boost, which are obtainable to each player and have not much value. The Rocket Pass Premium and Premium Bundle need to purchase with 10 Rocket League keys and 20 keys, then you'll have the chance to earn all pro tiers rewards. 

Full List of Rocket League Rocket Pass 4 Premium Items

Rocket League Rocket Pass 4 Items Price & Price Trends 

Focusing on the price trend is important to select a good time for Rocket League trading. The new Rocket League item price should be higher at the beginning and drops a lot in the following days. 

Rocket Pass 4 Items Price:

rocket pass 4 price dpsvip

How to Search for Rocket Pass 4 Items Price Trend:

1. Find the item price you want to know on the page: 

2. Choose the platform and click the item name to check the price trend:

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rocket pass 4 item dpsvip

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