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Diablo III Legendary Items with Awesome Special Effects in ROS

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We all know that legendary items in reaper of souls are far more powerful than before, and they have wonderful special effects that make your adventure exciting and impressive. Let's see what exactly they are.

bul-kathos's wedding band

You can drain life from enemies around you, the percent of which is estimated about 2%. In ros, the basic life is above 400 thousand. That is to say, without any help of other items your blood is quite enough to fight. As to the effect range, it needs time to test. Life steal is aborted by blizzard and this is stronger than that.

rogar's huge stone

Prevent all arcane/poison damage and heal yourself for 25% of the amount prevented. Also there are items for frozen damage drop in the game. The most troublesome affixes from enemies in ros are poison, electrical and arcane damage. If your character equip with legendaries like this, game experience would be great.

death watch mantle

34% chance to explode in a tan of knives for 200% weapon damage when hit. This legendary is not a surprise but its special effect absolutely is! Some elites with tan affixes are no longer difficult to defeat if you get this legendary.

enchantress focus

Followers in reaper of souls get attention of development team this time. Legendary items for them have interesting special effects and that make them more helpful and powerful in the new adventure. You can get more about follower items in ros here:

bottomless potion of the tower

Not only restoring life, the potion increases character armor at the same time. It's OP, right? 

dovu energy trap

Its special effect is not the key. They key is that this legendary amulet increased attack speed, critical hit damage and critical hit chance at the same time. Well, it's under the beta and many amazing things can happen in the new expansion. Maybe one day in the near future this is not even a “nice” legendary but now it is.

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