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Best Build for Warrior in Guild Wars 2 WVW

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We think that you have seen a lot of builds about greatsword warrior and hammer warrior. In fact, those builds really endow warrior with powerful attacks. How about double sword warrior? How to build a strong double sword warrior in WVW? In the following, we just want to share our warrior build with you. We hope it can help you a lot.

1. Main-hand weapons: Sword/Sword & Utility skills

sword skills

The reason why we choose double sword warrior is that sword can burst skills to immobilize your foes and cause a flurry of bleeding strikes at least 8 layers. (That means it will consume 800 HP every strike). That is really a bargain. In the skills, skill 4 called Impale skill is quite useful. When you fight against foes, the skill will cause 5004 torment damages if your foes are moving. The faster he runs, the more blood will spray.

2. Off-hand weapons: Longbow & Utility skills

longbow skills

With off-hand weapon, you can match up blasting bleeding and traits to attack foes in the melee battle or ranged battle. What is more, all kinds of displacement skills and control skills will kill enemies easily.

3. Utility skills

Here we want to emphasize the Endure Pain and Balanced Stance. As we all know, although double sword can inflict great damages on foes, you will be at a loss as to what to do if you are faced with characters good at condition damages such as Necromancer. It is quite common in the WVW. Therefore, the above two skills have become the essential ones. Endure Pain can make you susceptible to the conditions and control effectives. And Balanced Stance let you into a balanced stance. Even though you are in the effects of stun, knockback, fear and daze, you do not need to worry about them.

4. Traits


The purpose of the traits is mainly for strengthening the bleeding damages and counterattack. Besides, you may find that we also add some skills to increase the speed. For us, no matter we attack foes or escape, moving fast will provide us with much convenience. Of course, if you want to buy guild wars 2 gold for equipments, your warrior build will be much stronger.

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