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Fast Ways to Get Burden of Eternity in Timeless Isle

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Burden of Eternity is one thing every player wants in Timeless Isle. It can improve our gears by large degree. We have said before that it is not a good idea to spend large amount of wow gold to buy gears of higher level, but it is smart to exchange your Timeless Coin into Burden of Eternity to increase gear levels. Today, we are going to share guides about how to get Burden of Eternity fast.

Firstly, you should know that there are five main methods to get Burden of Eternity. Firstly, you can get one from Shaohao. When you have Honred or higher factions, you can get one when you finish the last Shaohao quest. Secondly, you can exchange your 50,000 timeless coins into a Burden of Eternity. Thirdly, killing big rare monsters on the island has chance to bring you Burden of Eternity as well. Fourthly, you can get one from Blazing chest which is located in Ordos Templar. The last method is to spend 500 Burden of Eternity to buy a key in a cave. You have chances to get Burden of Eternity in the chests.


Knowing all the methods to get the Burden, it may be clear to you that, it is not a good choice to exchange 50,000 coins into a burden at all. Why don’t we try our luck with the last method? In the chest, no matter you can get burden at last, you can get coins, BOA tools and pets still. And you have 67% to get the coins back from the chest. If you are good at math, you should have known that it worth your trying very much.

You should have at least 17,000 coins to open the chest, by the way. As for how many Burden of Eternity you can get at last, and the exactly rate, it depends. Try your good luck and see what happens then.

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