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  • black desert bargaining success.jpg

    Black Desert Online Trading System Guide - How To Earn Black Desert Gold Easy

    What’s the trading system in Black Desert? This trading system functions similar to trading in real life; you buy items and try to sell them at a higher price and there’s likewise the possibility of losing money rather than making. Different from other MMORPG, to make money in Black Desert depends o...


  • black desert crop management.jpg

    Black Desert Online Farming Guide - How To Build Farm to Earn Profits

    Compared with Archeage, the Black Desert has much more land resources. Basically, you can plant crops at anywhere in the wild. To start farming you will need to rent a small fence from a materials merchant. If you have discovered a materials merchant you can find them on the map with this symbol. Re...


  • black desert intimacy guide 3.jpg

    Black Desert Intimacy and Relationship Guide - How To Boost NPCs Intimacy Fast

    NPCs Intimacy and Relations is an important part of BLACK DESERT, and it's an unique characteristic of the game. Then we'll introduce what's the intimacy, how to increase it and how dose it work.As we know Intimacy is the relationship between NPCs and your character. Basically, you can i...


  • black desert inventory slots skills3.jpg

    Black Desert Guide - How To Expand Your Inventory Slots in Black Desert Online

    In Black Desert, most of players complaint that can't enjoy the game enough because the limited 16 inventory slots or some ridiculous number especially in a game based on crafting,trading and collecting. Then, how can we expand your inventory slots in Black Desert? As for now, we can unlock with...




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