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Who Will Win Super Bowl 52? Madden NFL 18 Predicts Patriots vs. Eagles

1/30/2018 10:28:59 AM

The "underdogs" of the Philadelphia Eagles will face the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl on Sunday. Time to predict the match with Madden NFL 18.

Most recently, the Philadelphia Eagles made it into the playoffs in 2013, but this year delivered a strong season. 13 wins and only three defeats gave the Philadelphia Eagles first place in the National Football Conference (NFC). Crude setback at the end: Star quarterback and "MVP" candidate Carson Wentz is missing, he pulled himself in the game at the Los Angeles Rams a cruciate ligament crack.

Substitute quarterback Nick Foles has come here. He was in his college days as an enormous talent, but with ups and downs. In 2012, he was voted by the Eagles in 88th place of the NFL draft. He remained with the Eagles until 2014 and set an incredible record in 2013: in the game against the Oakland Raiders, Foles scored seven touchdown passes - making him the youngest player in NFL history to succeed.

Madden NFL 18 Super Bowl 52 Prediction


At the low point arrived

Then the lows: fewer touchdowns, more inserted interceptions. 2015 became a horror season, Foles scored just seven touchdowns in eleven games at the St. Louis Rams, wished the dismissal, and hired the Kansas City Chiefs in 2016 as a substitute. Then, however, he signed again with the Eagles, as a replacement of Wentz. A "rebirth": against the Minnesota Vikings with the best defense in the league Foles drove three touchdowns on the field.

Now the Eagles stand for the third time in the grand finale of the NFL - the last time this was the case in 2005. Opponents on February 5, then and now: The New England Patriots. Not only the NFL story shows that you should not underestimate "underdogs" and "longshots" - the players you do not have on the screen and then outgrow yourselves.


We play the Super Bowl

What could be better than simulating the Super Bowl in advance with the Madden series of games by Electronic Arts? After all, Madden NFL 18 is all about the path of a football talent into the NFL. Devin Wade, the protagonist's name in Longshot mode, was considered a great talent, but collapsed under pressure during his college career. He gets a second chance. In the end he fulfills the dream of the NFL and gets a contract with his favorite team of childhood.

And what about the Super Bowl with "Longshot" Nick Foles? We simulated the Super Bowl with Madden NFL 18. And it got exciting. The Philadelphia Eagles put themselves up 7 - 0 in the first quarter and increased their lead to 14 - 0, but just before the end of the first quarter, the New England Patriots fail with a touchdown but get points through the field goal: 14 - 3.


What a catch-up!

The second quarter is quiet for a long time, then the eager return the favor with a field goal: 17 - 3. Shortly before the end the Patriots shocks another field goal, with 20 - 3 it goes into the break. At the beginning of the third quarter the Patriots start their supposed catching up race, but for the time being there is only one field goal left: 20 - 6. Towards the end of the quarter, the Eagles make it: 23 - 6.

Then the Patriots beat in the last quarter: Touchdown and PAT, 23 - 13. Eight minutes before the end of another Patriots field goal, it only stands 23 - 16. And it gets even more exciting: Touchdown and PAT for the Patriots, six It's 23-23 minutes before the end of the game. Not even 60 seconds before the end, the decision is made, and what a.


The sensation is done

Per Field Goal the Philadelphia Eagles create the sensation and bring the 26 - 23 over time. It makes little that not "Longshot" Foles is named MVP, but quarterback superstar Tom Brady. The fact that a player of an inferior team is the MVP, there was, incidentally, once before. Chuck Howley lost to the Baltimore Colts 13-16 with the Dallas Cowboys at Super Bowl V in 1971.

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