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Free Rocket League Pass 3 Crate Simulator - Open Pass 3 Crate To Win Free Rl Items, Keys, Crates On Goldkk.Com

4/22/2019 5:49:13 PM

rocket league pass 3 has dropped in rl a few days ago, came along with lots of new items, including 20 free rl items and 70 more unique items. in order to help you easy and fast obtain the new premium pass 3 items without any costs, brings you the new giveaway free rocket league pass 3 crate opening.

play goldkk rocket league crate simulator pass 3, win free rl items/keys everyday

for celebrating the new season rocket league pass 3, we have added the new rocket league pass 3 crate to our rl crate simulator opening. rl pass 3 crate simulator contents are completely random and offer excellent chances to obtain rl keys, crates, rl items composed of common, rare, very rare, import, exotic and black market. once you registered and logged in, you can freely open the rocket pass 3 crate, ferocity crate, and any other rocket league crates without limit on the number of times you play, your opening will be recorded in the rocket league crates rank each day, you can receive lots of free rocket league items to assemble best rl designs every day! 

free rocket league pass 3 crate simulato

how to play rocket league pass 3 crate simulator on

we not only provide the cheapest rocket league items including the new pass 3 items, but also provides the chance to open various rl crates without cost and time limit, helping you fast and easy to win free rocket league keys, crates, and rl new items. then how to open rocket league pass 3 crate here? 

1. for rl new players, please enter the homepage of and register & login as member, then choose your platforms.

2. click “rocket league crates simulator” and choose the crates you want to open.

3. then go to open pass 3 crate (20 times will be opened each round), similar to other crates, you will get one rocket pass 3 item from one crate, after complete 1 round opening, the total price of 20 items from your opening will be ranked on the top crate opening list.

4. once you rank on top 10 or any place on multiple of 25 like 25, 50, 75…, you will be rewarded free rocket league keys, items or crates.

want to earn rocket league pass 3 items and rl keys for free every day? get opening rl crate simulator pass 3 crate now! opening free rocket league champion crate 3 ps4, xbox one, ps, switch at rocket league crate simulator, withdraw more free rl items any time!

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