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Madden NFL 18 MUT Champions Weekend League Qualify, Rewards & Tiers

9/1/2017 5:21:23 PM

Madden NFL 18 has launched for few days, have you tried MUT Champions? The new MUT Champions game mode for Madden 18 Ultimate Team will reward the best and most consistent players with incredible prizes. Each week if you manage to qualify for the weekend league you’ll be in the running for some amazing in-game MUT Champions rewards - including Madden 18 coins and special WL packs. In this guide we’ll share all the Madden 18 MUT Champions Rewards for the Weekend League.

Madden NFL 18 MUT Champions Weekend League Qualify, Rewards & Tiers


How To Qualify For Madden 18 Weekend League?

Achieving the Weekend League is a goal for many players. Anyone who takes part in this league has enormous advantages for his Ultimate team. In other words, the better you play, the greater the rewards. But how do you qualify for the Weekend League? Here are two ways:

1. Winning Knockout Tournaments during the week. There's a tournament from Monday to Tuesday and Wednesday to Thursday each week. Win three games in a row to qualify, and you'll only have eight total chances to do so (a total of 16 possible chances for every player to qualify via Knockout Tournaments each week)

2. Playing Head-to-Head Seasons and completing a season at a certain division or higher before Friday each week. That division might change throughout the season, so check in the game what you need to do to qualify.


How To Earn Rewards In Madden 18 Weekend League?

Once you are qualified for the Weekend League, remember to participate in the Weekend League from Friday morning to Monday morning and try your best to win games as many as possible in those 72 hours, the games you can play is up to 25.


What Rewards You Can Get From Madden 18 Weekend League?

No matter you win or not, you will be rewarded some madden 18 coins or madden mobile coins after each game, but the more games you win and the higher tier you rank, the better rewards you earn!

Rewards for Each Weekend League Game

  • 1,000 coins per win

  • 500 coins for losing and playing past halftime.

Madden 18 FUT Champions Weekend League Rewards & Tiers

Madden 18 Weekend League Rewards & Tiers

Each of those Weekend League packs contains:

Bronze Tier WL Pack:3x 65+ OVR Players and 1x 60+ OVR Player

Silver Tier 2 WL Pack:3x 70+ OVR Players and 1x 65+ OVR Player and 1x 60+ OVR Player

Silver Tier 1 WL Pack:3x 75+ OVR Players and 1x 70+ OVR Player and 2x 65+ OVR Players

Silver Tier 1 WL Plus Pack:5x 75+ OVR Players and 1x 70+ OVR Player

Gold Tier 2 WL Pack:1x 80+ OVR Player and 2x 75+ OVR Players and 3x 70+ OVR Players

Gold Tier 1 WL Pack:1x 80+ OVR Player and 2x 75+ OVR Players and 4x 70+ OVR Players

Elite Tier WL Pack:Fantasy Pack, your choice of choosing one of three Elite Players, with one guaranteed to be 84 OVR or better


When Will You Receive Your Madden 18 Weekend League Rewards?

EA Sports said they give out weekend league rewards the Wednesday after that weekend’s League ends.

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