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Madden 17 Best Playbook Guide: Top 5 Offensive and Defensive Playbook in Madden NFL 17
TAG : Madden 17 News 1/6/2017 4:32:16 PM

In Madden NFL 17,many of people are wondering where to place, which defensive playbook to choose for your players. We all want to look for the best playbook for Madden 17 when it comes to running the football. According to each player’s playstyle that we have share the best offensive&defensive playbook in MUT which will help you improve the player.

madden 17 top 5 defensive and offensive playbooks

Best Offensive Playbook:

New England Patriots

Styles: Short Pass, Long Pass

Key Run Set: Singleback Tight Slots

Key Pass Set: Gun Split Close Pats

This Playbook in MUT has great formations for players who love to pass the ball. Keep your completion percentage high and work on short passes to move the chains.

Philadelphia Eagles

Styles: Speed Run, Short Pass

Key Run Set: Gun Ace Twins Offset

Key Pass Set: Snugs Flip

Philadelphia is a great playbook for gamers who want to pass the ball short to set up the run game inside. If you can handle shotgun formations, this playbook is the right choice for you.

Seattle Seahawks

Styles: Ground and Pound, Short Pass

Key Run Set: Gun Doubles Wing W

Key Pass Set: Gun Wing Offset Wk

If you need good versatility for running the ball then choose this Playbook, depending on if you prefer to run up the middle or outside. You can have some good formations to take big shots downfield, but don’t do it more than once or twice per half.

New York Giants

Styles: Long Pass, Speed Run

Key Run Set: Singleback Ace

Key Pass Set: Gun Trio Offset

This playbook is good for those who have three receiving options and like to pass the football. You can maximize your scheme by working on screen passes.

Miami Dolphins

Styles: Speed Run, Short Pass

Key Run Set: Singleback Wing Trips Open

Key Pass Set: Gun Bunch Open Offset

Best Defensive Playbook:

It is very hard to defeat a team who has a great defense. You can win more games if you have a strong defensive line up. Choosing a right defensive Playbook will help you to win games more easily. Here are the top 5 defensive Playbooks in MUT.

Dallas Cowboys

Base: 4-3

Styles: Pass Rush, Run Stuf

Run Defense Set: 46 Bear

Pass Defense Set: Big Dime 4-1-6

If you want to increase the effectiveness of this playbook then you need a strong safety. If you like aggressive 4 -3 style, this playbook is good to try out.

New Orleans Saints

Base: 3-4

Styles: Zone Defense, Pass Rush

Run Defense Set: 3-4 Bear

Pass Defense Set: Big Dime 1-4-6

This Playbooks defense has a multitude of 3-4 formations that can keep opponents guessing where the pressure is going to come from. Also it has the best passing defense.

Green Bay Packers

Base: 3-4

Styles: Pass Rush, Man Defense

Run Defense Set: 3-4 Solid

Pass Defense Set: Big Dime 2-3-6 Will

This Playbook has a Nickel Psycho Formation, which can put a lot of pressure if you have maximum number of LBs.

New England Patriots

Base: Hybrid 3-4/4-3

Styles: Run Stuff

Run Defense Set: Nickel 2-4-5 Double A Gap

Pass Defense Set: Nickel 3-3-5 Odd

The Patriots’ defensive playbook is the only team playbook that has both 3-4 and 4-3 fronts. This is the best Playbook to use if you have extra defenders at DE and LB.

Minnesota Vikings

Base: 4-3

Styles: Run Stuff, Zone Defense

Run Defense Set: 46 Normal

Pass Defense Set: Nickel 2-4-5

If you like to play heavy zone coverage from the 4-3 then this Playbook is the right choice for you. It has the 46 normal formation.

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