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Rocket League AUTUMN Update: NEW Accelerator Crate, POPCORN Black Market, JAGER Import

9/25/2017 4:47:11 PM

The official date for Rocket League AUTUMN Update is September 28. We expect to see the insane things added in Autumn Update. The Accelerator Crate, the most player wanted, is just the insane thing that we expect. We can not wait to get our hands on and it is going to delivery in quite a big way. Let's get into it as you can see this crate name very normal. Accelerate crate just a typical rocket league name, but very nice. It comes with new trails, new wheels, exotic new goal explosions. We get to see them in this article.


First of all, Rocket League has a rare new paint finish which is the Pearlescent (Matte). It's a nice-looking one. It's pretty smooth and clean, but nothing too amazing against rare one. You wouldn't really expect much of it.

Pearlescent (Matte)


For the next one, new trail called the Hot Rocks. It is a pretty interesting one, not as cartoonish as we would have hoped and it's a little bit basic. It is kind of close to blazer as in the previous update. It's a little bit disappointing, but it is so cool for a very rare.

Hot Rock


Moving to Power-shot which looks like a magic missile. The power shot is pretty interesting, It has really cool sort of flashing effect and is painted crimson. It is a very red boost, look so cool.



We missed out on with the Overdrive crate. There are exotic wheels are being added, called Chrono wheels. The Chrono wheels which might be saffron. They are kind of similar to Pulsus. But they have pretty interesting animation.

Chrono wheels


This goal explosion is freaking Popcorn explosion. Just look at this one. Some of you might think it a bit of weird to be in rocket league. It is not like Hellfire or Electronic shock that fit in the game. It is sort of random thing. But there is no doubt that it is pretty interesting.


The new importer the Jäger 619 RS. Jäger 619 RS is a Battle-Car that draws inspiration from European racers and speedways. It is a cool-looking car. It looks like a Nissan GTR. The wheels of this car are so nice. They look so sporty which will go on any car. If you could make these a different color that will be pretty.



Just three day left before Rocket League Autumn Update launch. What you want, come to buy your Rocket League items, crates, keys.

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