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Rocket League Items Guide To The Garage - Items Tiers, Trade-In System, Factors Affecting Rocket League Items Price

12/3/2017 10:35:22 PM

When we play any game we look good looking to look good. The appearance in many games often gives a clue about the player's experience. If a player has been playing for a long time he will have achieved unusual items. This situations happen on Rocket League as well. In this Rocket League Items guide, we will introduce all type of Rocket League Items, trading in system and factors affecting the Rocket League items price.

Rocket League Items Guide To The Garage - Items Tiers, Trade-In System, Factors Affecting Rocket League Items Price


How To Get Rocket League Items

To get these Rocket League items you have to play a lot or exchange with other players. There are 2 methods to get items to exchange:

Play games

Open crates with keys

Rocket League Items Tiers

Rocket League items can be exchanged and even sold in specialized pages and have a scale of oddities. These are:

Common: The simplest Rocket League items to obtain, these will get them without effort but they can not be exchanged or sold. They are marked in black.

Unusual: Can be achieved by playing games and have little value. They are marked in light blue

Rare: Can be achieved by opening boxes or playing games, they have very little value except for exceptions. All boxes are rare. They are marked in navy blue.

Very rare: You can get them by opening Rocket League crates or playing games, some can reach a high price. They are marked in purple.

Import: You can get them by opening boxes and they have a good value in general. They are marked in red

Exotic: They are obtained from boxes and, although they are worth less than some imported ones, they have a good value. Some can be worth enough money or keys. They are marked in yellow.

In addition there are 3 oddities out of this scale:

Premium: These items are paid, either Rocket League keys or DLCs. They are marked in green

Limited: These are obtained in events such as raffles in RLCS broadcasts. They are marked in orange

Black market: The biggest rarity, the jackpot. These are only obtained in boxes and are extremely rare, coveted and valuable. They are marked in violet.


Rocket League Items Trade In

There is also a method to obtain items of a rarity greater than the one we have, the Rocket League Items Trade-In System. This method consists in exchanging 5 items of the same rarity and collection for 1 of the following scale and collection. This will allow us to try our luck to get more valuable items than we have.

By trading up 5 items of the same rarity and same collection we will obtain an item of the following scale.

Rocket League Items Guide To The Garage - Items Tiers, Trade-In System, Factors Affecting Rocket League Items Price 1

Factors Affecting The Rocket League Items Price

As in traditional commerce, demand and rarity greatly influence its price. While this is almost always true, there are other factors that greatly influence the price.

Your departure date: The first days after a new item comes out your price will be sky high. A typical example is the new boxes, which come to be worth several keys each the 2 or 3 first days after the update. This also influences the value of the items in that collection.

Its popularity: If an object is very popular its price skyrockets with respect to the others in its collection and rarity. The most typical example are the bodies. These are usually worth 2 to 4 times more than the other items of its rarity and its collection.

Your modifications: any object may include modifications that alter its price. These might be:

Painted: These pieces have a different color or effect to the base object. This modification can multiply the value of the object depending on the color. An example of that would be the Draco wheels, these are worth 1 key but blank can exceed 50 keys.

Certificate: Each object includes a counter depending on the type of object. The certificates change the counter by default to a different one, which can go from counting saves to counting air goals or assists. Depending on the certificate, it will increase the value more or less.

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