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Rocket League Trade Up Very Rare Boosts - Painted OCTANES/Cars Coming In Weeks?

7/29/2017 3:52:54 AM

Recently, there are kinds of rumors about trading up very rare boosts in Rocket League, as many Rocket League YouTubers and players are talking and expecting confirmed info about it from Psyonix. If it's true that the very rare boosts are going trade up in the game? When we can expect the very rare boost trade up? Which very rare secret items can be traded up? In this guide, we sum up the latest information about it for you. 

Is true that the very rare boosts are going trade up in Rocket League?

100% confirmed! 

First, actually this big secret was seemingly revealed on the official site for the Rocket League 2nd Anniversary Update, this certain achievement right there called Trade Secret feature trade in five items of the same quality to receive an item of the next-highest quality, that by itself seemed pretty basic, but when we took a look at the image that represents it we can see there's five things to trade up and two of those are a heart and a symbol for lightning, so what we concluded from that those represent the very rare trails now. 

Rocket League Trade Up Very Rare Boosts - 1Rocket League Trade Up Very Rare Boosts - 2

Then, on the official Megathread for Rocket League Patch Notes v1.35 on Reddit from three weeks ago, the player jeffsays asked a question right there, says still no news about trading up very rare boosts, and Psyonix_Corey, one of the developers at Psyonix confirmed that “We are very close to having something available for this, it just wasn't quite ready for the patch release, but we hope to enable it with a serverside update in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!". 

Rocket League Trade Up Very Rare Boosts - 3

When we can expect the very rare boost trade up?

The ability to very rare boost trade up will be included in a serverside update which could happen any day now. NOT THE NEXT UPDATE! Let's get that straight. Just keep trying to trade up in every day or keep an eye on this sub. And this was posted three weeks ago and Psyonix_Corey said that in the coming weeks. So we guess it will happen in the coming week. 

Which very rare secret items can be traded up?

We're expecting an update that brings the ability to trade them up. People want them now before their prices increase, which will happen if you'll be able to trade them up to painted car bodies for example. Nothing concrete yet though, but there is some evidence backing that's what they can be trade up to. As far as what items we get from trading them up, they'll be most of the painted stock/default cars. We predict you will probably be able to trade them for painted mercs, octanes, dominus etc. 

Rocket League Very Rare Boosts - White Painted octanes

Is time to stock up on very rare boosts?

Why not, they are super cheap so even if the new items have little worth your losses will be minimal. 

There are some tips to help you stock some very rare boosts: You can either ask for them as adds in trades (get 5-10 in each trade on top for nothing) or just trade them from other people (value each boost around 0.05 Rocket League Key, so 2-3 boosts per crate, get cheap Rocket League Crates on DPSVIP.COM). You'll get tons of them if you just trade other things and ask if they have the boosts. Also most people doesn't know they'll be able to be traded up soon, so they just want to clean their inventory.

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