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Archeage Showdplay Skill Sets Combination Recommendation

7/3/2014 2:25:15 PM

as a newbie in archeage, i’m interested in the skill sets due to the various skills choice and combination. i supposed there is no rubbish character,if you can’t play it well maybe the problem about your operation. today,we would like to recommend several archeage showdplay skill sets combinations

1.showdplay archery

recommendation index: 5 star
reasons: the advantage of showdplay skills set’s long distance attack skill without cd, and high mobility to match with the archery skill set’s critical hit damage is the necessary for highly mobility long distance dps player.

skills release:
stealth(save life) -> stalker's mark (damage bonus)-> charged bolt->concussive arrow(reduce movement speed)->endless arrows->piercing shot

2.showdplay battlerage

recommendation index: 5 star
reasons: this is the strong powerful skill build for melee combat players!perfect control ability, highly critical hits damage!

skills release:
tripleslash->wallop(critical hits damage) ->shadow step(teleport) -> shadowsmite(melee attack)-> precision strike(increases critical damage)

3.showdplay sorcery

recommendation index: 3 star
reasons: the highly mobility for sorcery

skills release:

stealth(close to enemy) -> overwhelm(stun) -> shadowsmite(deal high damage) -> freezing earth(frozen) -> searing rain (extra damage release)-> drop back(leap to escape) -> flamebolt(deal massive damage)

4.showdplay witchcraft
recommendation index: 4 star
reasons: the skill set of showdplay match witchcraft perfectly can control enemy couldn’t resist in a long period which ensure the critical hit of showdplay skill set.

skills release:

stealth(close to enemy) -> overwhelm(stun) -> enervate(debuff) -> banshee wail(cause fear) -> shadow step(teleport) -> shadowsmite(deal high damage)

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