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eso new life festival

How to Earn Double XP Starts in The Elder Scroll Online of New Life Festival

The Elder Scroll Online players are exciting to celebrate the New Life Festival of ESO now! New Life Festival kicks off this Thursday, December 15 at 10:00am EST. This event is filled with various quests that take you across different zones, and you have a chance to obtain fun and festive rewards. W...

12/15/2016 4:55:13 PM

news image

To find a great way farm Elder Scrolls Online Racial Motifs

We noticed that most of players are complained about the rare drop rate of ESO Racial Motifs. Some players haven’t get this as for now. Is there any great way to get them fast? Today, we are glad to introduce the Racial Motifs and share several ways to farm racial motifs fast.   As we all kno...

5/12/2014 5:55:42 PM

news image

Elder Scrolls Online Veteran Banished Cells Dungeon Guide

After i upgraded to veteran rank 1 for several days, i was invited to explore the dungeon of Banished Cells. Most of players are quitting when they get to veteran ranks, because it is a pure grind. But i accepted the challenge, to enjoy the different gaming experience is our goal. Well, th...

4/22/2014 3:10:55 PM

news image

Elder Scrolls Online Dungeon Guide: Lvl 40 Blackheart Haven in Daggerfall Covenant

Welcome to the Blackheart Haven ESO Dungeon Guide. This guide will share the experience of how to take advantage of teamwork to kill boss efficient and make sure you know what each encounter holds in game before you start! We recommend level range:40-43 There are 4 bosses in the Dungeon. You would ...

4/19/2014 6:07:09 PM

news image

ESO Guide: How to reset skills in Elder Scrolls Online

With the help of guild, i entered into city Wayrest, Stormhaven for a great experiment. Although i didn’t add many wrong skill Coins, there are some skills are unnecessary. So, the guild sent me to the Shrine to reset the skills Coin because we can’t ensure the skill level will reserve. First, i a...

4/8/2014 4:06:37 PM

The Elder Scrolls Online Guide: The Crafting of ESO Set in Aldmeri Dominion

Here we are glad to share my experience of crafting set items in ESO, the detailed of set’ s effect, crafting materials and crafting station As for now, i only experienced the Aldmeri Dominion, so the crafting stations i summarized here.In the ESO, there are more than 16 dungeons so far. Due to less...

4/2/2014 4:33:43 PM

eso storm call

The Elder Scrolls Online Class Sorcerer Guide

As far as I’m concerned, Sorcerer is a strong class in the Elder Scrolls Online. What’s more, Sorcerer is a flexible type of class; it can become a powerful Tank, a high damage DPS or a healer as long as Sorcerer is equipped armed with proper equipment. I assure there are lots of players to play the...

3/21/2014 4:44:52 PM

news image

Guide to The Elder Scrolls Online Nightblade

As one of four classes in The Elder Online, Nightblade is the assassin type of class. The class is good at evoker, stealth and alchemy. For me, I think is a good class for solo play in the game. For Nightblade, the good weapons are light type, like daggers or small swords. Of course, Nightblade can ...

3/13/2014 12:43:37 PM

eso dragon knight branches

Detail Analysis to ESO Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight is the class which players want to be in The Elder Scrolls Online. Can Dragon Knight ride a dragon? The answer is “No”. Why call Dragon Knight? According to information provided by the official, Dragon Knight is the intelligent beings with dragon blood. All races can be Dragon Knights ...

3/4/2014 11:16:43 AM

The Problems of Hitting Effects in The Elder Scrolls Online

I've read lots of feeling about the eso demo. The dissatisfaction for players is the striking sense. There is no doubt that the striking sense is quite bad. What are the shortages of the striking sense? After carefully studying, I summarize some aspects as following: 1. No sound bugPersonally, th...

2/20/2014 4:29:47 PM

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