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Maplestory M Level Up Guide - How To Gain Xp And Level Up Quickly In Maplestory M For New Players

8/21/2018 10:08:17 AM

how to level up quickly and is there any tips you can try to gain xp fast in maplestory m? this passage is aimed at leading the new players in maplestory m to the right way of leveling up, from choosing characters to spending mesos and gold leaf.

1 choose classes

 if your goal is to level up as quickly as possible, you can choose bishop as your class since at level 30 you can unlock a skill that when used, gives you and your party members a 6% exp buff at the max skill level. of course, if you just want to experience the different classes, all characters are great.

2 autoplay and quests

autoplay in this game means letting an alt auto play its missions so that you can level up without doing anything. autoplay only works for quests, and quests are the main way to earn xp in maplestory. you can speed run quests until around level 85 in this game, after that you will have to do other stuff to gain xp.

3 earn and use maplestory m mesos properly

there are a lot of resources in maple story, but some come in very limited amount, so try to use it in a right way. i suggest using maplestory m mesos to buy epic armor from the trade market and complete a set. sell any loot that you get and that you don't need from elite dungeons to have enough money to do this.

at high levels, the most expensive thing you will buy with mesos are enhancements to your weapon/armor.

4 always level up, enhance, upgrade, your weapon first.

you get equipment from treasure boxes (1 free daily or 50 000 mesos for 1), or from elite dungeons. you can also find equipment through the trade station. there is an also a few very special equipment you can buy with mu long or earn from nett's pyramid.

to sum up, if you don’t want to restart, choosing the adequate character is only the first step. keep up with the updated news and you will speed up your leveling up. more maplestory m guides please check out the news page on Copyright 2024, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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