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Rocket League New Event Frosty Fest 2018 - Frosty Fest Items, Snowflakes, Golden Gift And More

12/17/2018 4:01:12 PM

the rocket league new event winter event frosty fest 2018 is coming! which is the second special event to be introduced to rocket league after the anniversary event golden eggs and haunted hallows. and this is kind of a rocket league update. follow our rocket league news, you can know the frosty fest 2018 rocket league guide including the release time, items, in-game currency snowflakes and more! also, if you have any demand of buying rocket league items, keys or crates, here we can always provide you cheap rocket league items!

rocket league frosty fest

what is frosty fest rocket league 2018

the frosty fest is a winter event rocket league for celebrating the holiday, designed for the players get chance to earn rocket league snowflakes in-game currency after every online match which can be used to purchase golden gifts and new customized rocket league items including christmas, hanukkah, and new year's, such as the winter storm trail, holiday heart wheels and peppermint powerhouse title. 

in-game currency snowflakes rocket league frosty fest 2018

whereas the haunted hallows event used candy corn as in-game currency, frosty fest 2018 uses "snowflakes". like the haunted hallows, you’ll win the limited time snowflakes by playing matches that you can trade for items like the theme, which will most certainly be christmas, one of which will be the “golden gift". you can also collect limited-time golden gifts that unlock items from the nitro, turbo, overdrive, and secret santa crates rocket league. 

rocket league golden gift items

golden gift rocket league is very similar to the anniversary event golden eggs. you can obtain rocket league items by opening the golden gift without keys. and sometimes you just need some luck to open it. then what can you get from the golden gift? check the rl golden gift items list below:


mantis (import)

endo (import)

centio v17 (import)

animus gp (import)


breakout type-s mobo (rare)

breakout heiwa (rare)

breakout rad reindeerc (rare)

takumi sticker bomb (rare)

takumi aqueous (rare)

dominus mdga (rare)

dominus suji (rare)

dominus holiday deco (rare)

octane zsr jiangshi (rare)

octane zsr funnybook (rare)

octane buzz kill (rare)

octane griffon (rare)

octane lone wolf (rare)

octane christmas tree (rare)

masamune kawaii (rare)

endo spatter (rare)

mantis cold front (rare)

octane snakeskin (very rare)

breakout vector (very rare)

takumi vector (very rare)

endo mg-88 (very rare)

bubbly (black market)

spectre (black market)

20xx (black market)

biomass (black market)

hexed (black market)

tora (black market)

rocket boosts

hexphase (very rare)

xenosplash (very rare)

yuletide (very rare)

neo-thermal (import)

tachyon (import)

magic missile (import)

winter storm (import)


fireplug (very rare)

septem (very rare)

slk (very rare)

peppermint (very rare)

triplex (import)

draco (exotic)

k2 (exotic)

roulette (exotic)

kalos (exotic)

fgsp (exotic)

turbine (exotic)

christmas wreath (exotic)

wonderment (exotic)

goal explosions

electroshock (black market)

fireworks (black market)

sub-zero (black market)

hellfire (black market)

happy holidays (black market)

player banners

winter's warmth (very rare)


blazer (very rare)

lightspeed (very rare)

friction (very rare)

candy cane (rare)

paint finish

circuit board (rare)

glossy blocks (rare)

furry (import)

rocket league winter event 2018 frosty fest release date 

most of you must be expecting this winter event on rocket league. then when will the frosty fest be released? it is predicted that the rocket league frosty fest will run from december 17th and last until january 7th which will be out for 20 days during the holiday.

rocket league frosty fest 2018 items 

in the previous year, rocket league frosty fest event was released as a new format, the same as haunted hallows. and the format will continue this year. so we are going to see limited time currency, decryptors and exclusive festive-themed special crate like golden egg.

rocket league frosty fest 2018 items

new limited winter themed items rocket league 

we can expect new limited forest fest exclusive items featuring rl toppers, rl decals, rl wheels, rocket league new cars and player banners, boost and title will be available, which can be unlocked by the limited-time currency snowflakes. and we also expect the frosty fest new crates rocket league will be out. stay tuned!

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