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Madden 23 Best Abilities - Top 3 Abilities for MUT 23 Offensive & Defensive Line

9/14/2022 3:48:30 PM

What are the best Madden 23 abilities to use in Ultimate Team? Here we’ll get into the top 3 MUT 23 abilities for both offensive and defensive lines. 


Madden 23 Best Abilities - Top 3 Best MUT 23 Offensive Line Abilities

What abilities to choose for different positions? Check out the following MUT 23 Superstar Abilities and what are they good for. 

Top 3 - Quickdraw 

Starting at number three, Quickdraw is an awesome ability, it speeds up your release when you are under pressure, it can help you get the ball out in situations where you otherwise might take a sack, Quickdraw does such a great job of this, it is a good ability for quarterbacks, and the MUT 23 Headliners 89 OVR Jalen Hurts has this ability. 

Top 2 - Outside Apprentice

Coming at the number two ability, Outside Apprentice is an option that you can try to have on your wide receiver. It is great, you get the deep post and corner route (C-route), two of the best routes in the game, they are great versus Man and versus Zone as well, they're not the best first man, but they have the potential to absolutely beat the main coverage. If you potentially like the budget option, Gabriel Davis you could potentially get it for free and try to get an outside Apprentice on your field.

Top 1 - Short In Elite

Then for the number one best O-line ability in Madden 23, it is going to be the Short In Elite, which is an elite tier ability that makes receivers catch more consistently when catching passes less than yards, inside the numbers. Any route that breaks before 10 yards and in between the numbers can get an improved chance of beating the man defender. Having the Short In Elite on as many receivers as you can is probably the best way for beating man coverage. 

Madden 23 Best Abilities - Top 3 Best MUT 23 Defensive Line Abilities

Top 3 - Under Pressure

The number three is going to be Under Pressure, defenders such as DE and DT equipped with this ability can apply pressure on the quarterback from a longer distance, it makes your opponent harder to move the ball against a heavy blitz. you could use it if you really want to piss people off.

Top 2 - Inside Shade

At number two, there is actually more than one choice, Inside Shade, Outside Shade, Deep Route KO, and Short Route KO, they are all great defensive abilities in Madden 23, and Inside Shade is probably the best man coverage ability, it can help your defenders react much faster to receiver cut moves when in man coverage and inside the numbers.

Top 1 - Medium Route KO

Finally, for the number one spot of D-line abilities in MUT 23, Medium Route KO improves knockouts in man vs medium routes, if you want to run man, get as many Medium Route KO abilities as you can on the field, all five of your players that are going to be in man coverage, put this ability on them, if you're not, you're doing yourself a major disservice. When it comes to the best zone ability, you can use Pick Artist, which is gonna give you a higher chance to catch uncontested interceptions. 

Outside of these options, Deep Out Elite, Edge Threat, Hot Route Master, and Slot Apprentice are all great abilities you can try. Click here to check more Madden 23 news and guides. Copyright 2024, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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