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Madden 23 Best Coaching Adjustments - Offensive & Defensive Adjustments in Madden 23

9/3/2022 3:09:49 PM

What to do with zone drops for more wins in Madden 23? This year, we have new coaching adjustments added into the game and lots of things changed. Today, we’ll talk about the best Madden 23 coaching adjustments on defense and offense. 

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Madden 23 Best Coaching Adjustments

Madden 23 coaching adjustments can be separated into defensive and offensive adjustments. The most appropriate option is associated with your player and other settings. For Madden Moneyshot, below are the best coach adjustments. 

Best Offensive Adjustments in Madden 23

- Deep Pass Catching: Balanced. Balanced essentially gives you freedom to do whatever you want after the catch, the Conservative is more about a rat catch every single time, and Aggressive is more about an aggressive catch. Based on the experiment stats, Conservative has nearly the same amount of yards and completion percentage as Balanced, completely flipped touchdown and interceptions, and lower average. Aggressive has the lowest completion percentage, yards, and touchdowns.

- Intermediate Pass Catching: Balanced.

- Blocking: Balanced. Using Conservative does not make any sense this year because it decreases the amount of time that it holds the blocks, whereas Aggressive says it holds the blocks longer, but it is actually not. 

- Ball Carrier: Conservative or Balanced. Aggressive increases fumble chances so it is out of the choice. You can either go with Balanced or Conservative.

Best Defensive Adjustments in Madden 23

- Auto Flip Defensive Play Call: On. It is typically best to leave the auto flip function to be on. 

- Auto-Alignment: Default. The default setting makes the most sense, a simple reason for that is every defense aligns a different way to maximize the defensive coverage, and the Base is going to be essentially every defense will look the same when you come out.

- Ball in Air Defense: Balanced. You have four options: Balanced, Play Ball, Play Receiver, and Swat Ball. Statistically, Balanced offers a very good defense, Swat Ball is the second best behind default, and Play Receiver is the worst of them.

- Cornerback Matchups: Balanced. You have five different options: By Depth Chart, By Route Running, By Height, By Speed, and By Overall. All of them have their place, it really depends on who's on the field, that's the most important thing, if neither speed nor height are an issue, you could easily go by overall or by depth chart, which is essentially balance.

- Option Defense: Conservative. If somebody is running read options on you, you typically want to go Conservative, because the quarterback always gets 

forgotten in Read Option, if you get broken off against one Read Option run with the quarterback, it's usually a way bigger run than your typical inside zone handoff, which is the other portion of a read option.  

- Strip Ball: Conservative. Conservative is probably best because you get a lower break tackle chance, which is probably the most important thing because this year break tackle is a huge issue.

- Tackling: Balanced. If you go Aggressive here, all you really have is a higher chance of broken tackles and fakes outs, the most important thing in this game is to have possession of the ball. 

- Zone Drops-Flats: Default or 20. Zone drops are the most talked about defensive adjustment, what is the best zone drop adjustment in Madden 23? It really depends on what type of defense you're playing, if you're playing match defense, don't touch the zone drops at all. The key to zone drops is on any route over 5 yards, put your zone drops 5 yards above the primary route you want to stop. 

- Zone Drops-Curl Flats: Default or 5.

- Zone Drops-Hooks: Default or 10. You could go hooks at 10 or 5, which means the middle of the field. 

- Zone Coverage: Match. Zone coverage is a new coaching adjustment on the defensive side, Match is better than regular. So the zone defenders read the routes of the receivers to determine coverage responsibilities.

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