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Black Desert Online Housing System Guide- How To Buy A House And Property Types Introductions

2/23/2016 11:48:44 AM

in black desert cbt 2, housing system is an very important factor we can experience it. houses will also be pretty convenient to traders, offering them a place to store goods that they can then sell when the prices go up and they make the most profit. players will have the opportunity to buy their own living quarters in black desert, including size-varying houses and tents. both can be decorated with in-game items obtained from crafting, quests, npcs, or drops from bosses. today, we would like to introduce the black desert online housing system for the newbie.

how to buy house

to open your map and click the town icon to view all the available properties in that town.

black desert town icon.jpg

blue houses are available for purchasing, white houses belongs to you, the grey houses are the ones you have not unlocked yet. 

black desert online housing system.jpg

to select the type of property you want, then click "purchase". it will show how many contribution coins are required to buy the property, how many contribution coins you currently have, time it will take to set up the property, and how much black desert gold you will cost to you can see, the black desert contribution is the most important to buy any property. we will make the details about contribution coins later. 

black desert online housing.jpg

types of properties

my house:

it is a personal house which can be decorated with furniture and place your crafting tools. personal houses are instantly set-up, have no operation costs, and only cost contribution coins to purchase.

black desert my house.jpg


it is a house for your workers. you can have up to 3 workers per town but if you want to hire more workers you will need to buy housing for them. worker housing takes 5 minutes and a cost of 500 silver to set-up.

black desert housing.jpg

house ranch

you can have up to 3 mounts or wagons in your stable but if you want to register more mounts or wagons you will need to buy a horse ranch for them. horse ranches cost 500 silver and take 5 minutes to set-up

black desert horse ranch.jpg


if you buy this property it will add more space to your warehouse in the town/city you buy it in. warehouses have no operation costs but take 2 minutes to set-up.

black desert warehouse.jpg


a refinery is used to create blackstone power and blackstones. blackstone power is used in most crafting recipes making a refinery an essential purchase. a refinery costs 500 silver and 5 minutes to set-up.

black desert workshop.jpg


there are also many different kinds of workshops for crafting items such as accessories, armor, weapons, ship parts, ship registration, wagon parts, wagon registration, horse equipment, tools, woodworking, costumes, seige equipment and furniture. workshops vary in set-up times and costs. you can also hover over the icons to view the materials needed to craft each item.

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