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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Zombie Mode - Get Official Pubg Player-Controlled Zombie Mode!

6/14/2017 5:03:47 PM

if developers are inspired by the community, bloody miracles happen: pubg gets a zombie mode. and the players are the undead.

pubg zombies mode - playerunknown's battlegrounds zombie mode


the first trailer of playerunknown's battlegrounds zombie mode


pubg zombie mode simply introduce

after the pubg community has already completely set up a zombie game mode in playerunknown's battlegrounds on the undead legs, the developer is now following. the battle royale game gets an official zombie mode. in this, a large part of the players take over the role of the brain-threatening undead and chase a small number of human participants - which must logically fight with all means for survival.

pubg zombies mode - playerunknown's battlegrounds


as if before, players player's famous battlegrounds have to create custom maps, some players are allowed to use the gun to fight the remaining players on the server, now custom zombie will become. "more" a bit. specifically, players who are not dressed up, armed with macho knives will be replaced by zombie animation.

once attacked by the player, the zombie-biting actions and effects are also added to increase the severity of this zombie mode.

the advantage of player: you can use the usual creaks, equipment and dressing tools. the advantage of zombies: pure mass. a very exciting concept - but we do not know yet when the mode goes live. but what the developers betray: the zombie slaughter is not part of the actual game, but an optional additional mode, one of which is not to be synonymous with the development of the traditional survival game.


bluehole studio also confirmed that in the future will continue to focus on optimizing the quality of gameplay, but there is no plan to develop a new mode of resistance. the announcement of the developerunknown's battlegrounds development team also led many gamers to mistake the zombie mode to replace the current mode. according to most of the opinion of gamers worldwide, the mode of the player's resistance should be focused on development rather than extended zombie mode. the expansion will make pubg no different than the previous titles like h1z1, dayz, miscreated or aftermath ...

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