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Best Operator In Rainbow Six Siege - How To Play Rook And What He Can Do

10/5/2018 10:57:52 AM

new and returning players to rainbow six siege will notice that there is a heck of a lot of operators to use on both sides. currently, there are more than 36 rainbow six siege operators to unlock and use in the game. then there is a question, who to pick, which r6 operator abilities are best? i’ll introduce you one by one in rainbow six siege news of . today, i want to write this news about rainbow six siege rook guide.

rook skills in rainbow six siege 

rook can put an armor bag with five bulletproof vests. wearing armor can reduce damage by 15% and prevent attacks other than burst heads from forcing you to fall. defenders with armor will live 30 seconds longer than defenders without armor, and armor won't slow you down. so it's very useful for r6 buff operators. it can also improve survival probability without reducing mobility. please note that if there are any remaining armor in the armor, the enemy can also be put on.


best rainbow six siege rook loadout 

his primary weapon is a p90 gun, mp5, and sg-cqb shotgun. usually, choose mp5, it can be loaded with a laser. it's more convenient to attack r6 drones. rook secondary loadout is the lfp586 handgun and p9 handgun. as for rainbow six siege equipment. rook is a heavy armored operator, he comes with a bag of five r1n "rhino" armor plates, these armor plates can be picked up and equipped for added damage resistance. as you can see the picture below. rainbow six siege rook skin is also great.


r6 rook gameplay and tips

rook can locate an r6 operator who is stuck point position, he can also locate an assistant wandering class operator. if rook choose to start gambling on an initial point attacker, do not choose too far from the defensive point of the position, if chose too far away from the position, the initial point is not there, you have to slowly around, heavy armor operator’s speed is very slow, usually you'll be stuck in the middle of the road. 2.5 is a big advantage to the gun, so you can choose to take the initiative and the attacker to the gun, try to jam a bullet line, because the attacker's guns are more powerful than you, only the bullet shot can take advantage. choose a stuck point farther away when you touch the gun or the attacker, such as a corridor, and if you have 2.5, you can choose to seize the opportunity at the end of the corridor. 

you can choose to go around and steal your butt in a surprising direction with a torpedo firecracker, or you can choose a quick, straight line at the point of return, or you can use a torpedo firecracker to open the windows and doors under the ceiling card. with an acog, you and the attacker have a little disadvantage with the gun, and you're still wearing armor, trying to find the initiative to shoot at the gun when the other person doesn't stick you, and maybe knocking one off is crucial to the situation.

there are more rainbow six siege operators guide for you, just focus on r6 news of, and learning which operator is right for you is only really a small chunk of what rainbow six siege is all about. also, there is a temporary price reduction for year one operators. take a look at rainbow six siege operators reduction guide , you can find out who they are.

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