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Rocket League Autumn Update Details: Accelerator Crate, Jäger 619 RS, Player Banner, 90+ New Free Items, New Events and Decryptors
TAG : Rocket League Autumn Update 9/14/2017 3:18:25 PM

Confirmed! Rocket League Autumn Update will be rolled out to all platforms on September 28! Psyonix have revealed more details and a trailer for the upcoming Rocket League Autumn Update. The new update brings many new features, new event system, new arena, new crate, new Battle-car, lots of new items for customization and the start of Rocket League Season 6. Here we list all the details for you.

Rocket League Autumn Update


In below new Rocket League Autumn Update Trailer a preview of the new features is given:


Rocket League Autumn Update New Items We Can Except

Rocket League Accelerator Crate: New Import Battle-Car Jäger 619 RS, rare paint finish, flashy very rare trails, Import boost, new Black market goal explosions, or animated exotic wheels are potentially rolled by unlocking it. 

Rocket League Accelerator Crate

The Accelerator Crate contains below unlockable crate items:

Import Battle-Car Jäger 619 RS

Rare Paint Finish – Pearlescent (Matte)

Rocket League Accelerator Crate - Rare Paint Finish – Pearlescent (Matte)

Very Rare Trail – Hot Rocks

Rocket League Accelerator Crate - Very Rare Trail – Hot Rocks

Import Boost – Power-Shot

Rocket League Accelerator Crate - Import Boost – Power-Shot

Exotic Wheel – Chrono

Rocket League Accelerator Crate - Import Boost – Exotic Wheel – Chrono

Black Market Goal Explosion - Popcorn

Rocket League Accelerator Crate - Black Market Goal Explosion - Popcorn

Rocket League Jäger 619 RS: A Battle-Car that draws inspiration from European racers and speedways, the New Import Battle-Car Jäger 619 RS will be a drop in the new Accelerator Crate.

Rocket League New Battle-Car - Jager 619 RS


Player Banners: Player banners are introduced as a new customization element, which are unique graphics equippable by players that surround their name and in-game title. Also unique Player Banners tied to each Competitive Tier will be delivered to players as Rocket League Season 5 Rewards!

Rocket League Player Banners

Rocket League Autumn Update - Player Banners

Rocket League Season 5 Rewards Player Banners

Rocket League Season 5 Rewards Player Banner

90+ FREE New Items: More than 90 free customization items are made available after the matches or trade-ins as unusual, rare and very rare drops. Such as below items:


Rocket League Autumn Update New Items - Baby Bunny Topper


Rocket League Autumn Update New Items - Mrs.Avocado Topper


Rocket League Autumn Update New Items - Pinwheel Antenna


Rocket League Autumn Update New Items - Taco Boost

Decryptors from New Events System: The Rocket League new Events system provides time-limited events that allow players to unlock additional Battle Car adjustments, also can acquire new, rare items called ‘Decryptors! With Decryptor, players can open any crate in their inventory without a key to buy.

Rocket League Decryptors


Rocket League Autumn Update Also Features Below New Contents

FREE new Seasonal Arena - FARMSTEAD: The new seasonal arena will be available in autumn for limited time for competitions, casual games and private games.

Standardized Arenas: Arenas for competitions and casual online play are standardized. New Standard Wasteland & Starbase ARC Maps will be playable in online matches for both Competitive and Casual matches.

Transparent Gateposts: The one of the most requested community features of all time will be introduced in to Rocket League, as one of Competitive Season 6 new features.

LAN support for PC players: PC players can experience local multiplayer games for parties and local tourneys to expand Rocket League’s competitive landscape even further!

Rocket League Competitive Season 6: Season 6 of competitive Rocket League will start.

Revamped In-Game Blog: In order to better showcase multiple news items for both the game itself and Rocket League Esports, a fresh new look will be updated on the home screen in Rocket League.

New Party System & Tournaments Beta: The autumn update also has the potential to test two future features. It is the new party system, which can test the players within the beta phases. Another is a new Tournaments system, which allows players to create their own tournaments and compete in them. While the party system is already being tested shortly after the release of the autumn update, the Tournaments beta will follow later this fall.


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