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Rocket League Trophies Guide - How To Unlock The Rocket League "Ride Or Die" Achievement

11/27/2017 6:02:25 PM

There are currently a total of 76 Rocket League Trophies that can be earned in game. Most of them are easy to unlock, but some of them are troubles to players, such as the "Ride Or Die". If you are stuck by the "Ride Or Die" achievement, there are probably just one or two little mistakes you have made, check out this guide, we help you get that nagging achievement.


What You're Doing Wrong When You Unlock "Ride Or Die"

The ride or die achievement says,"Equip both Dominus and Takumi with a new Decal and Paint Finish, then win a game". So with this, you would just go to the dominus or takumi and put on a decal and randomize the type of paint. This is wrong because if you use the same paint finish at all for either cars then it won't work.


What You Will Need For Getting The "Ride Or Die" Achievement

You will need the following...

  • Takumi Dominus

  • 8 Or More Paint Finishes

Just a short list but that's all you need to get ready. And you can get these Rocket League Items here with favorable price.


What & How To Do It

Now when you are doing this you must make sure that for each team you have a different paint finish.
For example, if your blue team primary paint finish is matte that means that for your Takumi paint finishes OR your Dominus paint finishes cannot be the same. If you look below, the images show that each paint finish is different. (In the top left of each image) 

How To Unlock Rocket League- Ride Or Die Achievement

How To Unlock Rocket League Ride Or Die Achievement 2

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