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Rocket League Christmas Event Predictions - Release Date, Secret Santa Crate, New Items And More

11/28/2017 2:02:50 PM

Rocket League Christmas Event is coming up very soon, but now granted nothing of this event is confirmed officially but there is a ton of stuff has been found out in the game by gamers, just waiting to be unlocked. We will go through all of the details about Rocket League Christmas Event such as release date, the secret Santa crate, new Xmas themed items and more.

Rocket League Christmas Event Release Date

Likely Release Date: Monday, December 11th (to be confirmed)

Judging by everything we found before and the release date of Haunted Halloween event which started on October 16th (Monday) about 2 weeks before Halloween (October 31th, Tuesday), if this is a sign of the future event events like the Christmas event, we think it’s a safe bet to say that it’ll go live on Monday, December 11th which is exactly two weeks before Christmas, and also we’re probably going to get an official announcement at least in a week.


Rocket League Christmas Event Offers & Details

What is going to be included in Rocket League Christmas Event? Let’s make a prediction as below on the basic of Halloween event:

Rocket League Christmas Crate - So far we know that there is for sure a Christmas crate, what new items will be in the new Rocket League crate? We think it’s going to be the exact same payout as the Halloween crate, you can expect the same amount of rares probably decals, very rare with possibly some wheels, a banner, a decal and then most likely it is going to end with the imports with two goal explosions, a new wheels. If they do decide to do a change with the Christmas crate, it probably be adding exotics and maybe a black market. What’s more, a Christmas sound will be made for gamers, maybe a type sound of Jingle Bells? 

Rocket League Christmas Items - In our previous article - Rocket League Christmas Crate and New Update Crate Leaked, we have talk about a lots of new items could be in the new Xmas themed crated, welcome to check out. Below are more some brand new items were found: 

Rocket League Christmas Crates - Items - Decal

Rocket League Christmas Crates - Items - Trail

Rocket League Christmas Crates - Xmas Themed Items - New Boost

We will updated the correct details of Rocket League Christmas Event here soon, stay tuned!

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