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Rocket League Controller Tips/Guide - Increase Controller's Diagonal Sensitivity Range Using Controller Configuration Settings in Steam!

1/4/2018 5:11:36 PM

As a quick preface, for those who didn't know, awhile back it was discovered that the DualShock 3, of all controllers, has a different driver configuration that gives it more diagonal range in the analogs. To explain this, imagine the full range of the analog represented by a square. With other controllers, the analog stick range is represented by a circle within the square, so when you push the stick to diagonal extremes, it "doesn't reach" the corners of the square. With the DS3, diagonal movement does reach the corners of the square so you get a little bit more range in those directions. This allows you to execute faster diagonal air rolls and other diagonal movements.

Basically, the DS3 utilizes the full range of analog movement whereas other controllers don't. There used to be workarounds for this using tools like Durazno's, but somewhat recently Steam added controller configuration support for non-Steam Controllers that also has this functionality so we don't need Durazno's anymore! Here's how to do it:

(As a quick note, I am personally on Steam beta but I don't know whether that is necessary to utilize controller configurations. If you don't see some of these options described below, try opting into the Steam beta)

Here's how to do it:

1.  Plug your controller in. Go to Steam settings and click on the Controller tab that should be at the bottom of the list.

2.  Click the first button here, which should be General Controller Configuration or something like that.

3.  This should open up a Big Picture window with some settings. Enable the checkbox for your type of controller (it should say something like "Enable Xbox Controller Configuration" or whatever is appropriate for your controller).

4.  Close this window and go to Rocket League in Steam. On the right-hand side, there should be an button labeled "Controller Configuration" (you can probably also get this option if you      right-click the game). Click on that.

5.  This should open up another Big Picture window, this time displaying all of your control mappings for your controller. Go to the box that represents the left analog stick and click it (should be the      left-most box on the bottom).

6.  Go to Advanced Settings in the bottom right.

7.  In the left column, there should be a setting labeled "Deadzone Shape" or something like that. It should be set to "Cross" by default. Click on that and from the drop-down menu select "Square."

8.  Close out of the window and enjoy your new and improved range of motion on the left analog! This should make diagonal air rolls and all diagonal movement noticeably faster.


Solutions to common problems:

I can't open Steam overlay without it being a weird Big Picture controller thing, what do I do?!

1.  Go to Steam settings.

2.  Click on In-Game tab.

3.  Uncheck "Use Big Picture Overlay with Steam Controller."

This isn't working with my DS4!

People have reported problems using this with DS4. I hear that you can use as a custom driver to make your computer recognize it as an Xbox controller. I don't have a DS4 though, so I can't help you here.

It screwed up my rumble!

Open Steam in Big Picture mode, go to Rocket League > Manage Game > Controller Options > turn Steam Controller Rumble Emulation OFF and enjoy!

Note: I don't use controller rumble so it's unconfirmed whether this works but I simply suspect it to be the problem.

It increased my deadzone!

Open Controller Configuration for Rocket League, go to your left analog, Additional Settings, go to Output Anti-Deadzone and increase it to the very first notch instead of 0. For some reason, without an Anti-Deadzone Steam will add extra deadzone to your in-game setting in Rocket League. Weird!

Solution provided by Rocket Science on YouTube, check out his video as it explains a lot of things related to this controller tweak:

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