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Rocket League Level Up Guide - How To Earn 20000 XP In 20 Minutes and Level Up Fast In Rocket League?

12/20/2017 5:28:55 PM

Want to get EXP to level up fast in Rocket League? This guide shows you how to level up fast using a simple method without cheats.


How To Level Up Fast In Rocket League?

1. Choose The Car

For this Method it is the best to take the Breakout.

Rocket League Level Up Guide - How To Earn 20000 XP In 20 Minutes

2. Settings

So you go to private match and create a game with the settings shown in the picture.

Game Settings

Game mode: Soccar

Arena: Pillars

Team-size: 1vs1

Bots: no bots

Mutator Settings

Game length (time): 20 minutes

Ball max speed: super fast

Ball type: puck

Ball weight: super light

Ball size: extreme large (largest)

Ball bounciness: super high

Boost amount: unlimited

Gravity: Low

Respawn time: disable goal reset

3. What to do

So when you have created the match you try to hit the ball slow and straight into the opponents goal. While the ball rolls into the goal you’re gonna place your car like shown in the picture. So if you have done everything correctly, the ball will respawn in the middle after a goal, and if you placed your car right it will bounce directly from you car into the opponents goal. If it works you don’t have to do anything more and can just tab out and do something else until the match is finished.
One 20 minute match will give you about 20.000xp. 

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