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Best Rocket League Endo Car Designs With All Painted Wonderment Wheels

7/3/2018 2:36:10 PM

here are our picks for the most iconic rocket league endo car designs with all painted wonderment wheels, and also how to build them. one of the most popular exotic wheels on the most popular car, find out how they fit the car you use! hope you guys enjoy!


endo is one of the most expensive import body and can be found in turbo crate. wonderment is another pair that has somewhat similar looks to zomba wheels. the exotic wheels become extremely popular after the introduction of secret santa crates. their current price is around 35 keys. click below links to check their prices on our rocket league prices list:

rocket league endo prices

rocket league wonderment prices


design a personalized and unique car is one source of fun in rocket league! now check below video to take a view of our designs for the import endo, and all painted wonderment showcase:


below we are presenting a complete list of all items we used for the rocket league designs in the video if you are looking for taking one of them to make up your car,’s rocket league items service can help you collect them fast and cost-effective! use vip coupon “rocket” to buy rocket league items now!

body: cobalt endo(c9-r3-labyrinth)

decal: labyrinth

wheel: sky blue wonderment

topper: purple wildcat ears

boost: crimson helios

rocket league endo car designs

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