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Rocket League Cars Guide – How To Unlock All Rocket League Car Bodies

8/30/2017 3:26:36 PM

If you want to have all the cars in Rocket League you will have to do several things, we tell you below.


For a couple of years, Psyonix has offered us a tremendously fun game that is also expanding with new cosmetics. New vehicles and more accessories make having them all something that we all want. Today we will talk about everything the cars in Rocket League offer.


We will mention how many there are, what you need to unlock them all and what it takes to enjoy exclusive ones like the Delorean Back to the Future. Do you like cars in Rocket League? This is all you need to know about them so your only concern is to fly them and put the ball in the goal.

Rocket League Cars Guide – How To Unlock All Rocket League Cars


Rocket League Cars - How many are there?

The work of Psyonix has a total of 11 cars, most of them available since you start the game. However there are other cars in Rocket League that you will have to unlock, where one of them will be the most expensive to get. Read on to find out how.


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To unlock most cars in Rocket League you will have to go playing games in the game modes. Randomly we will get these six new vehicles: Backfire, Breackout, zVenom, Merc, Paladin and Hotshot. Even if we want, there is no way to get one before the other beyond our own fate.


To these cars in Rocket League you have to add the ones you already have available from the beginning: X-Devil, Road Hog, Octane and Gizmo. This family of ten is completed with a last unlockable that you will get sweating a little more. We help you to unlock the Sweet Tooth.

Rocket League Cars Guide – How To Unlock All Rocket League Cars 2


Rocket League Cars - How to get the Sweet Tooth

The eleventh car to unlock is Sweet Tooth, the only car in the Rocket League that will ask for an extra point of effort to be able to fly. To have it we will have to win a game in the way we want, but do it with the ten vehicles we have mentioned so far.


The good news is that the vehicles only differ in size, turn and stroke. Each of the ten Rocket League cars we have mentioned runs the same, so it will be enough for you to have experience so that the ten wins necessary to unlock the Sweet Tooth arrive on their own.

Rocket League Cars Guide – How To Unlock All Rocket League Cars 3


One of the great attractions of cars in Rocket League is that they can be tremendously personalized, with themed cosmetics that refer to a multitude of external productions such as Fast & Furious, Rick & Morty or Back to the Future. The penalty is that to have some of the mentioned you will have to pay for them.

Rocket League Cars Guide – How To Unlock All Rocket League Cars 4

This is all you need to know about cars in Rocket League

Although some cosmetics require us to go through box, each of the eleven cars in Rocket League can be obtained with the base game. You will only need to play, in some cases more than in others, but with a good win counter and testing all the vehicles you will soon have all the slots unlocked. Now to win!

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