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2013 Pilgrim's Bounty Achievement Detailed Introduction

Pilgrim's Bounty will be celebrated from Nov.25 to Dec.2. To start with, we are going to introduce the rewards in this event first. There is no doubt that you can enjoy delicious food in this event. You should also remember to do something good in this special holiday. After you get all the achieve...

11/26/2013 5:13:30 PM

Hunter boss fight

Hunter's Wish List about Warlords of Draenor

As we have known from the latest information about Warlords of Draenor, many changes are about to make this game. As little details about the adjustment to all the classes has been released, players could not help expecting tings can go in the way they wish. Today, we are going to see what these Hun...

11/25/2013 5:28:16 PM

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Blizzard Free Lunch II: Buy Mount and Pet in Store

The second season of Blizzard free lunch event is accessible now. The all-new wow mount and pet are now available for sale. The Enchanted Fey Dragon will make you light up the Azeroth instantly. Alterac Brew Pup will warm the people in need. Enchanted Fey Dragon No matter where you are, the unu...

11/22/2013 3:58:17 PM

Warlords of Draenor: The Contents You Must Know about WOW 6.0

Media have been keeping their eye on Warlords of Draenor since wow 6.0 was released. And you may know this new expansion pack more or less. In the following part, we arranged the detailed contents you must know about WOW 6.0. We really hope you can get some useful information from it. The Storylin...

11/21/2013 5:10:28 PM

news image

WOW 6.0 Trial of the Gladiators: Designed for Elite PVP Players

The expansion pack of wow 6.0 was released, from which we find a new content----Trail of the Gladiators. According to the officials, it’s designed for elite wow pvp players. In the following part we will introduce more details to you. You are never going to want to miss the Trail of Gladiators, if ...

11/19/2013 2:00:01 AM

Warlords of Draenor Top 5 Heroes of the Orc

You must be extremely excited about the release of the Warlords of Draenor. Although it is still not accessible now, you are able to enjoy this new version soon. Today we would like to introduce you the top 5 heroes of the Orc, I hope you will be interested in the topic. No.5 Gul'danGul'dan is one ...

11/16/2013 4:06:49 PM

Warlords of Draenor Anylyais about the Cancellation of the Flying Mount

Scott Johnso and Ghost Crawler revealed that Draenor cannot fly before the release of wow 6.1. He added that the ability to fly provides players with much convenience, but you shouldn’t just wield the ability to escape the fight. Now that the flying mount will not open to players in Warlords of Drae...

11/14/2013 9:48:15 AM

No.1 boss

The Five Worst Boss Fights in WOW Raid of All Time

We have introduced the top five boss fights in wow raid to you recently, in this article we are going to talk about the five worst Boss fights in wow raid of all time. No.5 Sulfuron Harbinger, Molten Core We all hope the battle against Sulfuron Harbinger can be more challengeable before we fight...

11/13/2013 5:26:57 PM

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New Contents of WOW 6.0 Warlords of Draenor

The trailer of wow 6.0 was released, from which we can enjoy the thrilling storyline of the new patch. Both the old and new players can keep up with the game in their initial areas. In the meanwhile, we can know that Draenor is a wide world filled with magma, metal and steam. Arakkoa, Gollon and oth...

11/12/2013 3:42:07 PM

news image

The Top Five Raids in WOW of All Time

Raid is a very important part in wow, it enriches the game, and it brings players much more pleasures. Which are the best raids of wow in your mind? In here I would like to introduce you the top five raids in wow. No.5 Illidan Stormrage, the Black Temple Scenes in the Black Temple are grand, so yo...

11/11/2013 11:48:43 AM

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