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Archeage Professions Level Up – Tailoring, Leatherworking And Metalworking Benefits

10/14/2014 9:54:33 PM

as we all know, crafting system is the most famous and important part in archeage. if you are tired of battles,and dungeon, why not choose to build house, boat and farm to earn gold and craft items? different from other mmo game, the crafting in archeage not only gather materials but also generate them. therefore, there are 12 professions in archeage we can choose to level up to 10k proficiency, but only 7 of these can be upgraded into the next tier (novice: 10k-20k). six of these can then be upgraded in the veteran tier (20k-30k), and so on. authority is 50-70k, and master is 70-90k. you can only master 2 professions. today, we would like to introduce the benefits of tailoring, leatherworking and metalworking and help you level up professions fast.


 archeage crafting

metalworking: smelt metals and make plate armor. highest requirement is 50k for the top tier armor and for mass producing iron ingots.

tailoring: same to metalworking. make fabric and cloth armor. you obtain fabric by growing cotton or shearing sheep. highest requirement is 50k for top tier armor and mass production of fabric.

leatherworking: same as metalworking and tailoring. make leather and leather armor. you obtain leather by slaughtering turkeys, pigs, etc. you can also make nets to catch world bosses as battle pets and to catch queen bees for beekeeping. highest requirement is 50k for top tier armor and mass production of leather.

benefits from archeage professions leveling:

when you level up a profession you decrease labor consumption for all actions within that profession.
sometimes new ranks will give you new recipes. for example you may be allowed to collect higher level resources or to use higher level items for crafting.
method to level up archeage metalworking, leatherworking and tailoring easy and fast


smelting: the simplest way to level is smelting iron ore. each iron or copper ingot requires 3 ore and costs 5 labor. silver ingots cost 10 labor. gold, archeum and starshard ingots cost 15 labor. to make armor costs more materials but gives far more proficiency. the easiest and cheapest way to level by crafting is to make vambraces or tassets. these pieces cost the least archeum to make out of all the different pieces. all pieces of armor cost the same amount of labor to make. while the higher level armors give more proficiency per craft it's still better to make the lowest level apprentice tassets/vambraces, as they give the most proficiency (100) per archeum.


: there aren't many options when tanning. the only way to obtain pelts right now is by farming and butchering animals on a farm. each leather requires 3 pelts and costs 5 labor to make. find someone who wants to level husbandry to butcher turkeys for you, or farm them yourself.


weaving: there are two ways to make fabric. you can either use 10 cotton or 3 wool. both give a single fabric for 5 labor. either find someone leveling gathering (cotton) or husbandry (sheep) to get you the cotton or fabric, or farm them yourself.

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