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How To Get A Whole Bunch Of Gold Leaves Simply In Maplestory M?

9/5/2018 2:16:06 PM

how to get a whole bunch of gold leaves? really easy! you can call the way a secret. because there are so many people who haven’t caught on it yet. but as time goes by, the advantage of the way will become less and less.  as more and more people find it out, it’s not gonna work as well as now. hurry up!

maybe you can get some gold leaves from all your achievements, your daily login and so on. you get gold leaves from the dailies like the nett’s pyramid and expedition. and you would do the same thing next day for gold leaves. it’s not enough for you and we can get more gold leaves in this way.

the easiest way is that you could buy gear from the trade station for good prices, extract it and then stockpile a whole bunch of gold leaves. isn’t is easy?

let’s see how to go on the way.

the first step, you can click the trade station. you know there are a lot of people pricing their gear really cheap right now.

how to get a whole bunch of gold leaves simply 1

the second step, i highly recommend you to choose the rares to buy.

the third step, you should watch out for the price, and four to five thousand or less each is okay.

how to get a whole bunch of gold leaves simply 2

the fourth step, go to inventory and extract it. you may get a decent amount of occult cubes and gold leaves.

how to get a whole bunch of gold leaves simply 3

of course, you can also exchange maplestory m mesos for good leaves.

i sincerely want you to have proficient skill in this way. it can be suitable to all players with all jobs.

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