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Rainbow Six Siege - Oregon Map Indoor Camera Location

9/7/2018 3:17:17 PM

in rainbow six siege, the only way the defender can get information about the attacker without relying on the skills of the operator is the camera. the information was also captured when the camera attacked by the attacker. how can we destroy the camera without the information get by the defender and make the defender's information deviate? next, i'll introduce to you how to clean up the indoor camera location from the outside in the oregon country map, hoping to help you.

camera location 1

let's start with the point that easy to clear, which is close to the kitchen, in the long corridor. as shown in the figure of oregon map:

 rainbow six siege-oregon map camera 1

then we need to go to the outside, close to the window of the discarded school bus. 

rainbow six siege-oregon map camera 2

when you go to the position distant from the window 5m, knock out the plank on the location of the window, the target is get.

 rainbow six siege-oregon map camera 3

camera location 2

the location 2 is behind the stage, located on the 1 floor of the tower, as shown in the picture:

 rainbow six siege-oregon map camera 4

then we need to come to the outdoors near the dining hall, which is the window as shown in the following figure.

 rainbow six siege-oregon map camera 5

knock out the yellow bar plank in the position distance from the window 6m, and the target is get.

 rainbow six siege-oregon map camera 6

camera location 3

position 3 is located in the hall, as the picture:

 rainbow six siege-oregon map camera 7

the clearing position is naturally outside the main gate. notice the pillar marked in red in the picture and stick it.

 rainbow six siege-oregon map camera 8

clear the plank in the yellow area, then the target is get

rainbow six siege-oregon map camera 9

 camera location 4

the last indoor point is located at the foot of the stairs of the second floor, this is also the only location on the second floor.

 rainbow six siege-oregon map camera 10

we need to go to the outside window under the camera location. take care of the tower before you destroy it. that's the high-risk area where people were attacked.

 rainbow six siege-oregon map camera 11

lie down in the distance of 2-3m to the window and clear the plank in the area of picture.

 rainbow six siege-oregon map camera 12

overall, oregon is the simplest map, all camera location can be destroyed outdoors, before cleaning up it, pay attention to indoor conditions and investigate by the trolley, then the attacker can clear out all points on the oregon map safely.

each map of rainbow six siege is different, hope you can find the fun of the game. more rainbow six siege news or cheap r6 credits is on the website:

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