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Maplestory M Guide - How To Farm Mesos In The Best Way And Reach Your Equipment's Potential With Mesos That You Own?

8/27/2018 6:07:42 PM

as you played maplestory m for sometime,you will know that mesos and weapons are the most important items in this here are some details for you gays about farming mesos as fast as possible and exploit the potential of your weapons.

part one: farm maplestory m mesos

1. check and finish you events, including daily events, collecting maple leaves and open the mesos pouch and weekly mission

2. dungeon

mini dungeon can bring you maplestory m mesos but 95% of your mesos are from elite dungeons.

3. selling and buying

when you gel level 95, make sure you clear every dungeon and sell your gear in the trade station with a reasonable price and find the best deal. be careful because there can be a best deal in no time.

part two: reach the potential of your equipment

check the video below and you will learn a lot

1. unlock potential 

you are able to use gear's potential as long as it is rated between epic and mythic. you must first unlock an item's potential before you are able to access those extra stats.for example, it cost 50,000 mesos for an unique gloves. you can unlock potential via looking at the item's details and tapping the button to unlock potential at the bottom of the frame.

2. roll the potential dice

once you unlock your equipment's potential, you can see its extra stats and gauge whether they're what you want.

maplestory m guid 1

you can reroll your potential using black cubes, red cubes, and occult cubes. this can be done under the change option tab in the forge menu.

3. how to get occult cubes 

you can get occult cubes and gold leaves via extraction. you can begin the extraction process via the 'extract' button at the bottom of the bag. extracting normal-tier equipment is going to be your primary method of occult cube acquisition, but do be aware there is no set number you can get from extraction. like everything else in the game, there's a random aspect to it.

maplestory m guid 2

that's about all for maplestory m mesos farming and potential system. it's fairly straightforward, but as mentioned at the start of this guide: it is a big grind, especially if you can't get the stats you want.check every details in this news and you won’t regret it.

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