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Maplestory M Quick Farming Guide: How To Get More Exp And Rewards Easily?

8/28/2018 4:50:16 PM

how can we get more exp and better rewards in the mid-class? as is known to us, the daily dungeon is a crucial key in the maplestory m. s, there is a strategy for you to brush the daily dungeon and get more rewards including more maplestory m mesos.

daily dungeons reset every midnight and can be entered three times a day for free. if you want another chance to get into it, you can buy a ticket for daily dungeon in cash shop.

here are some tips for daily dungeons

tip 1  when in the daily dungeons, you can retry entering it after disconnecting the game.

 after entering the daily dungeon, there’s something which stops you from playing the game. “what can i do?” you must feel disturbed and asked yourself. don’t worry! if you want to have a rest or do something else, just do it. because you can re-enter the dungeon without losing a chance and time for the daily dungeon. 

maplestory m quick farming guide 1

tip 2  enhance your gears, if you’d like to go well in the daily dungeons.

maplestory m quick farming guide 2

in general, players using the gears of level 54 to level 58 are over level 60.  however, enhancing your gears is favorable for passing the daily dungeon.

tip 3  some potion unnecessary can be sold when you are grow up to level 60.

maplestory m quick farming guide 3

you can get much potion in the daily dungeons. therefore, i recommend that you sell the potion basing on the potion left which you think redundant. then you can purchase some gears and so on you need.

tip 4  make good use of the buff

as a matter of fact, there is no need using the potion for buff to level up and complete the mission. once leveling up to 60, you are supposed to make the most of the potion for buff. it makes for passing the daily dungeons. besides, exp tickets can help you easily get experience!

tip 5  other advice for you

i sincerely suggest purchasing “fever buff”. this buff can speed up walking, attacking and make you gain more experience.

maplestory m quick farming guide 4

the gears of belts and arms can be obtained in the elite dungeon. when you level up to 65, you may get into it.

the daily dungeon is a crucial part in this game. from now on, let’s master these skills and become a pro!

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