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Maplestory M Beginners' Guide On What To Do With Your Equipment

8/29/2018 3:44:53 PM

although maplestory m is not a new game, there are still a bunch of beginners. most are confused about what to do with their equipment. here are some advice for newbies.

1. get equipment

in order to get equipment in maplestory m, you’re going to need to open plenty of treasure boxes. you’ll get one of these for free each day you log-in, or you can spend 50,000 maplestory m mesos to buy one. alternatively, treasure boxes can be found in the game’s elite dungeons. 

maplestory m beginners’ guide on what to do with your equipment 1

2. check and choose

you can hover over the equipment and see it's stats. there's att increase which shows how much increase or decreases in damages you'll receive. you can search up what equipment you should go for or give up.

maplestory m beginners’ guide on what to do with your equipment 3


3. trade for mesos

in gms, there's an auction house where you can sell to people for mesos. so you can sell it to npc that sell something. that is one of the most efficient ways to farm mesos., especially when you reached lvl130.

maplestory m beginners’ guide on what to do with your equipment 2

4. upgrade your equipment

on a normal weapon, the base stats only vary by about 6-7 atk/ matk. but once your weapon reaches its legendary level, this equates to upwards of 500 atk/matk which can make the difference between easily clearing end game content or struggling to get by. in order to make sure your weapon is at highest obtainable attack (atk) when it gets to its legendary stage, ensure that you invest in weapons that only offer the max base. 


these are all things that you need to consider when you want to create a better equipment. it’s definitely a very good idea to maximize your weapon’s power. try to stay focused on these minor things such as stars on the picture, the initial stats and so on. this is how you can make a difference! Copyright 2024, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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