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New Rocket League Crate - All Rl Elevation Crate Items, Nimbus Battle-Car, Solar Flare Goal Explosion

10/13/2018 1:37:10 PM

the news about the new crate rocket league has been confirmed, the elevation crate has been released on october 8. that seems a hottest topic in rocket league reddit now. has anyone already gotten it ? like all the other rocket league crates, elevation crate can be opened with rocket league keys, and can provide you with cheap rl crates and keys. and do you want to know what rocket league items you can get from the new elevation crate? in this rocket league elevation crate guide, you’ll know more details.

the rocket league new crate will feature 18 customization items, including the new ‘nimbus’ battle-car, ‘solar flare’ goal explosion, and more. 

rocket league nimbus battle-car

the rl elevation crate has the brand new cars - nimbus’ battle-car. the appearance looks very special and dazzling included the new goal explosion, boost & wheels, decals and trail spray. and this car uses the unique 'hybrid' hitbox, similar to x-devil, endo, skyline. so only you open the crate can get nimbus rocket league. buy cheap rl keys and open elevation crate rl.

rocket league nimbus

rocket league solar flare goal explosion

this black market goal explosion which is very stunning.

rl solar flare

next, i’ll introduce you all rocket league elevation crate contents to you. here is an elevation crate items list for you:

2x rare player banner

3x rare decals

1x rare paint finish 

1x very rare decal

1x very rare player banner

1x very rare wheels

1x import rocket boost

1x import wheels

1x import body (nimbus)

2x exotic wheels (gernot and raijin)

2x black market goal explosion (including the new solar flare)

2x black market decals (mainframe and wet paint)

do you want to get these items? just go to rocket league store to get rl elevation crate!

and here are some faq:

where is the best site to buy rocket league elevation crate? 

you can go to which has been selling cheap rocket league items and game currency for years and has a good reputation in the market. we guarantee that all rl items orders will be dealt safety.

where to buy rocket league elevation crate

elevation crate on ps4:

elevation crate on xbox one: one

elevation crate on switch:

elevation crate on steam: pc

how much is the elevation crate? 

you can check some platforms to buy them. different platform has different rocket league items price,included:ps4($0.79-0.99/per),switch($0.71-0.89/per),steam($3.19-3.99/per)and xbox one($1.03-1.29/per). 

and as i know, the rl elevation crate prices will still be declined. as you can see the rocket league elevation crate price trend below.

rl new crate price trend

we’ll keep bringing more useful and interesting rocket league news to our rocket league fans. hope you enjoy this guide!

check out below pictures to preview all rocket league elevation crate items.

rare decal - twinzer: muddy

rl muddy

import wheels - finny

finny wheels are the highlights of this crate that are brand new.

rl finny

black market goal explosion - singularity

rl singularity

very rare wheels - yamane

rl yamane

very rare trail - discotheque

rl discotheque

exotic wheels - raijin

rl raijin

exotic wheels - gernot 

rl gernot

rare paint finish - dino

rl dino

rare decal - octane: stricker bomb(painted)

rl stricker bomb

rare decal - venom: retro sun

rl retro sun

import rocket boost - synthwave(painted)

rl synthwave

very rare player banner - bob’s ramen(painted)

rl player banner

rare player banner - lucky stars

rl lucky stars

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