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How To Play Twitch In Rainbow Six Siege - R6 Twitch Tips And Tricks

2018/10/9 10:59:55

one of the things i like best about rainbow six siege is that it’s ok to learn on the job. the tactical hero shooter is extremely popular, so you’re often partnered with new r6 players who are also learning. and figuring out how to use a new r6 operator, that is part of the fun early in that process. so today i bring you an r6 guide about a great rainbow six siege operator’s gameplay and skills, whose name is twitch. hope we can learn together. and if you are interested, welcome to follow r6 news of , which can also provide you with cheap r6 credits and r6 digital contents.

best r6 skills of twitch 

r6 twitch is a medium armored operator, twitch can deploy up to two shock drones. these r6 drones can take out enemy gadgets from afar and shock enemies. and the r6 shock drone can scout locations and deliver an electric shock via probes that can incapacitate electrical devices and be used as a distraction toward hostiles. the chassis holds multiple shots. the shock drone differs from the other drones in that it is four-wheel-drive, has a small sound and can emit a 10-point electric whistle with a total of 12 rounds.

r6 twitch

rainbow six siege twitch loadout and equipment

twitch’s primary weapons are f2 assault rifle, 417 marksman rifle(which does 69 damage and has a semi-automatic fire rate), and sg-cqb shotgun(which does 53 damage has a pump-action fire a coupon and as a capacity of seven). her secondary weapons are p9 handgun and lfp586 handgun. f2 is referred to as one of the best attacking weapons in the game. it has 40 damage a very fast fire rate of 980 and a capacity of 30 bullets. the amplitude of the left and right beating of f2 is not too large, and recoil is relatively high. so the flame arresters and the regenerator can be the equipment.

r6 twitch loadout

rainbow six siege twitch gameplay and tips

twitch is a major kill and auxiliary position in the game because of its excellent firearms and special skills. the most important thing for twitch to start with is to destroy the camera. you can use shock drone to shock the camera. twitch needs to pay attention to keep drones. regardless of which offensive side of the drone is to be as far as possible to keep. her shock drones are more important, they not only can directly hurt the other side's operator, but the most important thing is also that the sound is smaller than ordinary drones, can silently detect the other side's position.

take advantage of your drones to explore the road while twitch is walking alone. unlike other r6 operators, your drones can help you clear the trap ahead of time. especially the vibrator of rainbow six siege ela throws in dead ends. a wild or guardian operator usually puts a trap and moves to other places. you can clear the trap ahead of time, the other side won’t notice. after clear the trap, find the position of the gun as soon as possible to clear the enemy.

twitch’s weapons excellence and shock drones are very powerful in the game, often destroying the balance in a stalemate. even if you're not good at shooting, protecting your drones, clearing traps and removing cameras can make a huge contribution.

so have you mastered this operator’s gameplay? perhaps you’d like to learn a little more about r6 buck, or even one of the other operators? check out our r6 news , you’ll find out every rainbow six siege operator’s information and details.

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