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Path of Exile 1.2.0 Version:Forsaken Master - Advanced Melee Build and Items Recommendation

Finally, the new version of POE 1.2.0 was released recently. The new content feature bring us a totally different game experience. Now, more and more player want to have a try on melee build.But the best melee build need the excellent items which would cost you lots of POE Currency. So, today we wou...

8/23/2014 1:08:33 PM

news image

The Path of Exile Forsaken Masters - Voric’s Socket Crafting Preview

As we all know the Path of Exile new patch Forsaken Masters would be released after 15 days. There are seven new masters in new field, as for now, three characters has been released in CBT. Have you created the new class? In addition that, new content involves several attractive factors, such as Mis...

8/5/2014 11:33:38 AM

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Cheap POE Exalted Orb and Eternal Orb Full of Inventory

Welcome to the DPSVIP which is the most professional online MMORPG store. Here you can get the most popular Path of Exile Currency, Orb of Fusing, Chaos Orb and Exalted Orb at bottom price!     Different from other game, the currency in POE are various. Each currency items has the uni...

5/6/2014 4:02:03 PM

poe Summon Raging Spirit

Five Reasons to Like POE Summon Raging Spirit

Summon Raging Spirit is a new attack skill in Patch 1.0.6, which summons flying melee minions with both physical damage and fire damage. It can be flexibly linked to lots of support gems, such as Added Fire Damage, Minion Damage, Minion speed and so on. Personally, the skill is a wonderful summoning...

2/25/2014 2:18:36 PM

poe Bones of Ullr

Summon Raging Spirit with Spell Totems for Level 86 Templar

I've always wanted to farm a class with double totems in Path of Exile. I should have played a Witch. But she is too far away from the keystone Ancestral Bond and aura effect passives.My Passive Skill Tree is simple. The keystone passives are Ancestral Bond, Zealor’s Oath, Necromatic Aegis and Eleme...

2/24/2014 2:18:36 PM

poe grest of perandus

POE Witch Guide: Desecrate, Zombies and Spectre

I created a summer in Path of Exile and minions are my attacking weapons. For my witch, what is the most important is block. Block for minions is enhanced in Version 1.0.6, which make them with more chances survival. I increase block through Passive Skill Tree. With Grest of Perandus, my class has 4...

2/18/2014 8:31:12 AM

path of exile Scarifice of the vaal

The First POE Mini-expansion:Sacrifice of the Vaal

Happy Valentine's Day! It is nice day for people, especially young people. There is good news for poe players. According to the news from Path of Exile Official site, the first mini-expansion named Sacrifice of the Vaal, is going to be launched on March 5th. Sacrifice of the Vaal is the story of...

2/14/2014 2:44:38 PM

poe undead ranger passive skill tree

POE Undead Ranger with Ethereal Knife (II)

I share my some ideas in POE Undead Ranger with Ethereal Knife (I). Today, I'll introduce my undead ranger in path of exile items, skills and passive skill tree .   Equipment-Hamlet: one of the key poe items is Geofri’s Crest. It can increase elemental resistance as well as chaos resistance....

2/12/2014 2:34:49 PM

news image

POE Undead Ranger with Ethereal Knife (I)

After I read a lot of path of exile builds, I’ve created my ideal character that uses Ethereal Knife in the game. To the beginning, I wanted to build a remote attack classes with a bow, but it fails. Finally, I decided to farm an EK class. The core feature of my class is high physical-damage reduct...

2/11/2014 5:29:40 PM

news image

POE Guide: Dual Axe Wings of Entropy with High Block

The Wings of Entropy is a useful two-hand axe for the melee classes in Path of Exile. I will share my build about WOE with you. The advantages of the build: -60% physical block and 50% spell block.- A high probability of survival with two Cast When Damage Tanken.- Easily defeat Piety or Don??. I ...

2/10/2014 5:09:55 PM

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