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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds New Weapon And Animations - New Content For Pubg Month 2 Update Patch

5/12/2017 6:19:23 PM

bluehole studio is constantly working on new content for playerunknown's battlegrounds. soon there will be a new weapon. also some animations are to be implemented again.

playerunknown's battlegrounds new weapon and animations - new content for pubg month 2 update patch

is the an-94 the next new weapon for playerunknown's battlegrounds? so far the notes are still rare. 

after the actual planned weekly patches for playerunknown's battlegrounds have failed for the last 14 days for different reasons, a big month patch with new content will be available for next week.

whether it remains after the delays of the last time with this schedule is still unclear. however, the developers have already suggested some new content for the next content update. among other things, there will be a new weapon, also we can except some new pubg skins.

there is no concrete statement about the model or manufacturer. for a screen shot shot animation, the bluehole studio on twitter has published:

pubg month 2 update patch - playerunknown's battlegrounds new weapons


pubg new weapons - an-94, rpk or steyr aug?
a lot is to be seen on the short clip, but some weapon-connoisseurs have already made assumptions about which storm gun it could be. the greatest chances are currently given to the an-94.
the russian storm gun is a gas pressure loader with caliber 5.45 x 39 mm. the special feature: the first shots are fired in high, the subsequent in low cadence. in addition, there is a two-shot mode with high accuracy, as the shooter only senses a return.
also in the running are the russian machine gun rpk and the austrian sturmgewehr steyr aug.

pubg new animations
in addition, the developers around the lead designer brendan greene are working on further refinement for their game. so there will soon be new animations - including one for drinking energy drinks:

pubg month 2 update patch - playerunknown's battlegrounds new animations


playerunknown's battlegrounds has been in the early access phase since 23 march 2017. and the launch was extremely successful: more than two million players have already bought the battle royale shooter.

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