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Rocket League New Mechanic For Drift Catch - Method To Catch Fast Balls Pretty Smooth And Easily

11/29/2017 9:17:01 AM

Want to catch some people off guard in Rocket League? A new method for catching really fast balls pretty smooth was found in the game. With the new mechanic to do the drift catch, your car gets pushed back easier by the ball because you've got powerslide held down, which takes a lot of speed out of the ball, then you can catch the fast ball easily. In this guide, we will show you how to do it.

Rocket League New Mechanic For Drift Catch - Method To Catch Fast Balls Pretty Smooth And Easily

New Mechanic For Drift Catch - How To Catch Fast Balls In Rocket League

The speed of the catch and transition to dribble could definitely be the make all end all of a game. So if you learn a mechanic can help you catch a fast ball, you will be the winner in guard! This mechanic was found out by gamer AMBO69, and he shared below video and tips of doing the drift catch:

It is basically departed in 2 steps:

1. You have to hit the ball with the very first piece of the bonnet. If the ball hits the front, it gets to the ceiling. If the ball gets near to your roof, you will doink it to hell.

2. Right before you hit the ball, press powerslide and keep it pressed till the ball bounced. You also have to press your analog stick to the left or right. Depending on which direction you      choose, the ball have to hit the opposite side of your car. Boost does also help, but don’t know at which exact moment you should use it.

In short: To be holding the powerslide button, and the impact of the ball pushes you back, which absorbs a lot of the momentum from the ball ( Using the powerslide to give a softened touch to the side rather than a straight catch). It would be a great move to do after coming from opponent's side and sliding in front of the ball.


Although some players said this is not a new mechanic and a lot of higher level players do this without thinking, we still hope this guide help the ones who haven't know the out in catching fast balls in Rocket League.  If you are thinking to buy cheap Rocket League Items, Crates, Keys or want to exchange/sell your extra items to a reliable seller, welcome to DPSVIP.COM. 

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